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And please make a donation if you would like ; You can donate on the Indiegogo page of the Festival. Posidonia Festival Posidonia Oceanica. Communication and web Spanish. CO2 Compensation Formentera And very busy at times. New Logo Call For Proposals. Report Videos EcoFair Posidonia Carloforte

Yes, they agreed, we need a mechanic and they knew one.

Carloforte-Tavolara Photos Posidonia Photos Posidonia Festival Dle CO2 Compensation Formentera Not great fun, but had to be done. But we did get to see an open air movie as part of the festival in the Marina de Olbia on Sardinia.

There even was a tiny walled in cemetery with a drift wood cross at the entrance and about ten very well kept graves of people of the island, born and buried here. Sitges Posidonia Festival Sitges Press Review Sitges Posidonia Festival Posidonia Oceanica.


Say hi to kids and Bill for me xo. It reminded us a lot of Sidney spit without the towering rock face in the West, of course.


All the activities are free. Walking on the dune, Tavolara Mountain in the back. So we headed to the Marina de Olbia to dock there, fill our water tank and to get the backstay and another rig installed Thursday morning. CO2 Compensation Cindma Meanwhile it is Thursday six pm and likely no mechanics around.

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Summary and Results Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to 1st column Skip to 2nd column. Let me explain why.

Program Posidonia Carloforte Photos Posidonia Carloforte When I first swam on shore and walked around a bit, I thought I was thrown into an Italo-Western movie backdrop: How to come to Formentera.

Festival Program Carloforte Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to 1st column Skip to 2nd column. Posidonia Festival Legal Warning-Privacy. Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to 1st column Skip to 2nd column. Press Review Posidonia Festival Carloforte Formentera Posidonia Posidonia Festival Program We also cinem to run a lot of errands, bringing supplies to the boat with the dinghy, getting gas for the generator and so on. Guide Posidonia gems of the beach.


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When we saw Tavolara from our anchorage in Tavollara Taverna we knew we had to go and explore it. Photos and Videos Press Review Posidonia Festival Sitges Posidonia Festival Legal Warning-Privacy. Program Posidonia Sitges Photos Posidonia Carloforte So nice and helpful. We were so happy to have the problem solved so quickly.

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