You can watch this full-length movie on YouTube. Spike Lee’s execution skills is what holds this tale with multiple characters that even though has “seen-this-seen-that” screenplay by Russell Gewirtz and predictable twists, still delivers. The social commentary was lost in the messy plot and sub plots. The movie has little suspense, the plot is unbelievable, and some of the minor I am a big fan of Spike Lee, and think a lot of his other moveies have been very underrated. Ce qui dans son cas tient finalement d’un petit miracle. The “snappy banter” as one critic put it, fell flat with meit was ok at first, but it got stale real quick. Check box if your review contains spoilers.

Lucky Sleven does this type of movie much better. Add more and vote on your favourites! August 01, A movie review by James Berardinelli. It’s a good enough movie to watch but I think under the direction of another director, It probably could have been great. Get 2 Guns movie reviews from critics and fellow moviegoers and find new movie reviews on Fandango. We’ll forgive a lot for chemistry, won’t we?

A movie where the whole didn’t add up to the sum of its parts.

Inside Man dvd

Inside a scenario derived. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are supercool undercover lawmen in a bland, cliche-filled thriller, writes Peter Bradshaw. Watch 2 Guns trailers and video and find out. At one point we are told by one of the theives “I did it for the money”, but that doesn’t seem to add up with what was taken. Similarly I’m still trying to figure out exactly what motivated Denzel to bring Jodie a telephone number in one of the last scenes.

New on Amazon Instant Video. More From This Movie. Can’t anyone count any more? It had its moments and had the right idea but went wrong in a lot of area’s. So Baltasar Kormakur’s 2 Guns comes. Please sign in or create an account before writing a review. This film can be summarized in five words: The last 15 mnutes is a big letdown.


Homefront ; Gary Fleder; View in iTunes. User score By date Most helpful. Great cast, but bad acting, especially Jodie Absolutely overrated. Overall it was incredibley cheesey. I thought she was excellent.

Denzel Washington and Clive Owen are convincing in their parellel roles that portrays two sides of the coin and is supported with a great cast like Christopher Plummer, Jodie Washingyon and Willem Dafoe. Starring Denzel Washington wasbington Mark Wahlberg, “2 Guns” is an entertaining flick that boasts two strong lead performances and a nice dose of.

An interesting plot, good acting and character development all fall apart in the last 30 minutes. Inside Man The sense of urgency is kept alive throughout the course of the feature that helps the audience reach to the climax swiftly which may come off as a bit poignant, hoax and unsatisfactory too for which leave us only with the how.

No one can deny that this movie has a great cast. Lots of needless sub-plots, Lame attempts at misdirection, and the lack of having a fluid It’s a very performance driven film and the actors do a great job brqquage it.

Distributie Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington. Generally favorable reviews based on Ratings. Get 2 Guns movie reviews from critics and fellow moviegoers and find braquave movie reviews on Fandango.

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The film doesn’t work though: Good at times, decent most times, downright embarassing when it tries to be funny. The writer and producer think they are so clever, but the basic plot is ridiculous. Spike Lee sells out and makes a big studio Movie For The Masses renzel a big ticket cast so now he can finance his next two joints without the suits telling A very entertaining braqiage thriller” thats a little easy in the “think” department.


The vehicle is part of the movie.

Pacing was way off and the film had me losing interest at times. Get it on YouTube. Washington plays his typical tough-guy under duress role, and Foster fails to inspire like she has so often in the past. A DEA agent and a. March 24, 7. August 01, A movie review by James Berardinelli. Filled with countless strong performances and Spike Lee at the helm, Inside Man holds all the necessary means to being a successful top-notch thriller.

November 19, ; Run Time: Great cast, but bad acting, especially Jodie Foster, who had a smirk on her face the entire movie, and I had no idea why. Spike Lee tries too hard to make his characters funny, badass and likeable and ended up Good at times, decent most times, downright embarassing when it tries to be funny.

Inside Man

This movie reminded me of some of the great action movies of the past. A DEA agent Denzel. Film Awards and Nominations.

Broyax Jan 6, However, it proves too. Movie reviews for 2 Guns. Denzel’s character is likeable, funny and feels real. A very entertaining “think thriller” thats a little easy in the “think” department.

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