Vm keen on swimming. What about the future? However, uncontrolled economic 9 between strong and weak nations leads to the 10 of greater inequality between the rich and poor nations of the world. Must I go to bed now? Surely it’s time lunch. There is an example at the beginning 0.

That must be Maria on the phone – she’s the only person with my new number. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. Sometimes more than one answer is possible. Grammar time and condition clauses with future reference When we talk about something in the future, we can use a conjunction related to time or condition called a ‘time clause or ‘condition clause. There was a lot of noise going on. OK, Vll see you this evening.

I think it will be a difficult game. Have you got your diary handy? Armstrong has r 8 to give interviews about his private life.

Wesh Khrina 3la Rohna??? LOL fatony I’ve never watched it but they told me about it they said, that it can waja3 algelb its soo boring.

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I will do all I can in order for to get it cleaned, whatever the cost. A education B qualifications C experiences D applications 22 Sometimes there’s a lot of competition between children for their mother’s.

LU6f Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Tm not interrupting anything, 27 I? In these cases, these verbs have little meaning of their own and the meaning is that of the noun fillm follows.


As a result, I must have looked 7 rather too odd. The first is given as an example. We use a comma at the end of the Conditional ffamily when it comes first: If only 3 He crashed his car. Ill water the plants. How did your son learn to make his own pizzas? You can drive, can’t you?

What film did you see? Supposing you fall ill, what will you do?

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We use this prefix to mean ‘in favour of. The pupil made an excuse after being late for the lesson. You’re a really good actor, we need you! A would have passed B has passed C passed D had passed 8 I wouldn’t have lent him the money if he desperate.

During the flight, you should have something non- alcoholic to drink in – 8 your fiom dehydrates. In order to and so as to can be more emphatic than to alone: After that there is an individual task in which you may be asked to give information or express your jm3i by comparing photographs or pictures.

They rarely change the part of speech. Have you ever seen a UFO? I went to the airport last Famipy to meet Sue. Underlined words will help you. Do they get on? My parents met at university but didnt marry till jive years afterwards. I told you that Vm going to wash up.


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You should have eaten less. She could play the piano from the age of five, We were able to buy a new house, I could smell something burning. The teacher gave me permission to leave the room. I’ve got to do my homework.

I can give you a lift to the station. It was getting really dark 3 then and we weren’t at all sure about the weather. I’m staying with a friend at the moment She’s working very hard nowadays. Go and open the door for him, will you? After a few days, I felt much better. A take B carry C bring D deliver 19 The children were The people who are Ok sorry for sounding like an old woman here but our producers need to touch hearts and minds by making extremely smart jxm3i.

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