However, organizations with different aims and ideologies often come together in large meta-organizations to address EU-institutions. Now Kremlin has all irons in the fire and refuses to arrest the meaning of key political concepts. With ethnographic research gathered from two IVF clinics and in two villages in northwestern Turkey, this book explores infertility and assisted reproductive technologies within a secular Muslim population. Yet whereas in most instances this desire is displaced through humor and aggressive gestures, it becomes acknowledged and outright declared once associated with sites of heroic death. Thus, its Bedouin inhabitants are by necessity involved in world affairs and maintain a complex, almost urban, economy. The study demonstrates how the texts explore an acoustic dimension of language, where non-articulatory sounds and noises oscillate between two poles:

Some semi-public, exclusive male settings, most noticeably in the military, encourage the production of intimacy and desire. When discussing Bolshevik cultural politics, both scholars and the public today emphasize what the Bolsheviks destroyed. It discusses some of the different ways Eurasia is represented today in terms of its boundaries and essential characteristics, and finally offers a series of arguments for the usefulness of “Eurasian Studies” as a platform for university research and teaching. This article examines the role of social media for civic participation drawing on Swedish volunteer initiatives that emerged in the context of the migration crisis in as a case study. Despite these developments, long-distance relationships LDRs , i. At a time when the international community is again threatening some countries with sanctions, this book comes as a warning.

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What makes a good father? The gap between rich and poor is widening in most countries, putting more pressure on women in particular who often find themselves with the ultimate responsibility to provide for their families, especially their children, in the face of economic and political discrimination.

This dissertation investigates the way that feminist resistance is expressed in two Swedish and two German so-called New Woman novels from the turn of the twentieth century: Immigration into states with historical linguistic minorities creates the dilemma of which language newly arrived immigrants should learn in the state-provided integration programmes.

It explores variations and similarities in how mothers deal with risk in two cultural contexts: With ethnographic research gathered from two IVF clinics and in two villages in northwestern Turkey, safyo book explores infertility and assisted reproductive technologies within a har Muslim population.


Women in Ukraine seem to perceive environmental pollution as a constraint on their fertility, possibly influenced by public discourse related to the health consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

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Nevertheless, despite the abundant evidence of suffering, it maintains that children are not the passive victims of conflict but engage actively with the conditions of war, an outlook that challenges orthodox research perspectives that rely heavily on medicalized notions of ‘victim’ and ‘trauma.

Edited book with 12 chapters plus introduction. It is a significant contribution to current debates about poverty, gender, power, and resistance.

This book outlines some of the historical facts and consequences of the massacres but sees it as its main objective to present the Armenians to the foreign reader, their history but also their lives and achievements in the present that finds most Armenians dispersed throughout the world. As this book shows, Muslim perspectives focus on the moral propriety of such controversial procedures as the use of donor sperm and eggs as well as surrogacy arrangements, which are allowed by some authorities using surprising and innovative legal arguments.

In this book, Akkermans provides a systematic overview of the Halaf culture in the Syrian portion of the fillm of the Balikh River, a tributary of the Euphrates. Moreover, the inhabitants of Stakhanov itself have experienced environmental pollution at ffilm range. Drawing on recent advances in foreign policy role theory and crisis management theory, two social mechanisms are developed, role location and role conflict management.

In the book the main emphasis is put on monuments which are regarded as catalysts and symptoms of memory.

The horrors of modern warfare – the death, dehumanization, and destruction of social sayfk material infrastructures – have done little to bring an end to armed conflict. These results support recent investigations pointing to a continued relevance of the border even after the physical barriers are removed. This volume offers rich empirical and theoretical material involving historical developments, demographic changes, sociological problems, anthropological insights, and political implications.


Volunteer-led initiatives providing urgent relief played a crucial role in meeting the needs of arriving nxr.

This article thus integrates the politics of nuclear energy within the research on energy transitions. In spite of these developments, a great deal of research on democratic innovations have largely neglected Central and Eastern Europe.

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Despite its outwardly static and traditional appearance, the Haredi ultra-Orthodox world is engaged in a constant cultural dialogue with modernity. Theoretically, neo-institutional theory and research on meta-organizations is used. Despite these developments, long-distance relationships LDRsi.

Neither citizens nor foreigners, they are in an uncertain position, created in part through an unusual ethnic discourse which does not draw principally on obvious characteristics of difference. Information about the teaching of religion and ethics was made throughstructured interviews with teachers and principals of selected schools made byassistants fluent in the language s of the locality.

The Soviet past is represented through different mediating arenas — cultural domains bar communicative platforms in which meanings are created and circulated. Overall, the thesis argues for the critical role of imagination in relationship maintenance.

This reinforces the thesis that economic nationalizing through the exclusion of minorities induces a vicious circle of ethnic bifurcation, political instability and unfavorable conditions for achieving economic prosperity. First, it looks at nad interrelated phenomena of global competition, competitive identity and region branding. This thesis sayfk the uses of the concept of revolution in Swedish socialist press from to After the presentation of the historical background of the four sects, the author analyzes the public and private domains, focusing on language as used in many different forms and situations, and on fipm management of language.

In the literature, migrant domestic workers are often described as being subject to racial discrimination, labour exploitation and exclusion from mainstream society. The Bedouin in the Negev region have undergone a remarkable change of life style in the course of the 20th century:

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