If you cannot join the show in Chapter 5, you must have missed something – probably something to do with your interface with Tobli. Chocobo will now want to play left-middle-or-right minigame with you. Clockwork Jun 28, 3: He’s located in ‘C – cabin’. Abbreviations G What do abbreviated words stand for? Few more steps S and you’ve reached Moonflow. Pick up Rosemary found in screen 5. When you get to part of road with big tree on the left, cart will stop.

Excavation and defeating the Experimental Boss. Songstress requires the Magical Dances from Chapter 5. Thieves will attempt to escape SW, so make pursuit. Keep me logged in on this device. Infiltrate Bevelle” hotspot mission Chapter 3? Any help what I might be doing wrong?

Only Oversoulable enemies listed. Talk to him and pick [Shure, why not? Keep going S until you see someone yelling for help.

Final Fantasy X-2

Make few steps forward to have the cart appear further ahead on the road. Round them up and bring them home to the Cactuar Nation! After completing the sidequest mission you can attempt Gunner’s Gauntlet yet again for higher levels and more prizes, which are: After Maroda finishes blabbing, go back to the point of ‘M – ravine path’ where you jumped down.

Log In Sign Up. Tch, this is a fairly complex area – no minimap to guide you thru. The easier one is Higher Power which you get from obtaining the Amazing Chocobo. When you’re victoriousm follow Lucil N, fighting off waves of challengers.

I imported the game from their website and very glad I did I received my copy within 8 fantssy 2. After kicking her ass use the second lift. I always jump through the three butterfly rings to compleye the smaller fry as well just to be sure. I feel I’m at a loss with this to be honest as the Moonflow seems to be the only problematic episode to complete, everywhere else seems fairly straight forward.


In Macalania Wood, “collect” all of the hidden musicians. That way you can slowly, but surely increase your gil. Beware – its petrification attacks bypass Stoneproof and Ribbon! Compete BEFORE you touch it, talk to the Hypello if it appears, that is – if it doesn’t, just go on with the gamefor it sells some awesome acc list of goods is found below.

Now that you have 10th Cactuar as well, make haste to the entrance of the cave, but make sure you save before making a retreat you’d regret later. All sidequests covered and included. From your position take the exit S from Rin agency. Talk to 10th cactus, then address the cactus marked as red square in minimap and pick [We’ll look for him. Somewhere in the back of the ruins familiar fiend resides. So how do we start?

To be able to appear on stage in Chapter 5, you must have completed the actions needed in the prior four chapters. I’ve also done the ticket selling in chapter 2 sold all ten and got 10, gil profit. If scoring points is too much for you, you can attempt this cheesy trick – at ‘B – waterfall way 1’ stand below the very last waterfall.

Cart will keep going by itself, so just look out that you keep up with it. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Each time you arrive at marked destination, a scene will occur – three in total, then chocobo escapes again. fabtasy

I definitely recommend starting at S end. My sanity depends on it. Follow the path until you get to the section where rather big tree is covering part of path.


Final Fantasy X-2 – Optional Mission FAQ

You need to bring its Attack, Defense and Special levels to 5. You’ll be introduced to Picket, who will be your faithful partner during your digs. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. You cannot use a fiend with it and having it cast it onto you. You must “complete” the PR mission. Pair it up with Autumn. It’s the Besaid Aurochs. It doesn’t matter how far they went, they are dead.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Simply speak to hover attendants. There’s a few possible destinies that this shop will see: Gagazet with the following in red Of course, with some fiends it’s difficult to tell which way they’re facing at all.

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Infiltrate Bevelle” hotspot mission Chapter 3? Excavation and defeating the Experimental Boss. Talk to Hypello to start the mission.

What’s in it for you if you let O’aka aboard the ship? PR Mission – Chapter 2. Now carry it up the elevator and into ‘Dome – cloister 1’ screen 2 for further reference. Final Fantasy X-2 Type of guide: I spent over 50hrs on a previous save to get to the last chapter to no avail, and have since restarted from scratch to try and rectify the problem and find out what I missed.

I had two stables empty. Get all needles you need up here.

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