The unbearable dialog, muddled plot and dull characters makes this Point Break remake utterly pointless. If you have the right look and skills for a stunt, you might get a phone call at some point in the future. Getting your SAG card requires you do some work on- camera as an extra, a challenge all by itself. How the Oscars Work. And worse yet for the mission: It’s jus inspired by the original. What’s really worth groaning is when it’s really trying to replicate the original; not by heart or personality, but by scene. But here again, there’s no clear way to get such an apprenticeship; no formal method of approaching it.

There is nothing positive about it or this movie. On the plus side I’ve drug this on to the ten required lines and I can put the movie behind me and pretend I didn’t waste part of my life watching it. During production, while doubling for Burt Reynolds and approaching what was supposed to be a sedated shark, Marco was attacked and subsequently died of his injuries. There’s an International Stunt School run by the United Stuntmens Association that gives seminars and classes on various aspects of stunt work. Retrieved 26 June The earliest stunt performers were travelling entertainers and circus performers, particularly trained gymnasts and acrobats.

I can’t believe it obtained a rating of 5 on IMDb. It’s a small victory for anyone who is foolish enough to pay money to see it. Cool and Unique Jobs Check them out! In in his personal homage to Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd called Project AJackie Chan repeats some of the most famous scenes from the early film era, including Lloyd’s clock scene from Safety Last!

They’re mostly spewing exposition, while Bodhi is basically acting like a parody of someone from a New Age religion. The film would have benefited from additional minutes to set up the characters better and explore their deeper emotional motives. Look up stuntman in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Alaska Fishing Industry Jobs.

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Huge surf waves, Alps, and Angel Falls. Getting your SAG card requires you do some work on- camera as an extra, a challenge all by itself.


After completing the main stunt, Robinson dismissed emergency medical staff from the set.

While filming a scene in which a burning small boat intending to ram a larger boat, the fire quickly spread out of control, killing stuntman Lu Yanqing and injuring six others. It’s not clear at times what Bodhi means or what Johnny Utah wants. While Lloyd only hanged from the tower, Chan took it a step further and actually fell from the tower.

The cowboys would then dress in their normal riding clothes unless told other wise, for which they were paid extraand ride to the set, most of which were located to the north in the vicinity of the San Fernando Valley. The problem is that not one of the main characters are in possession of a redeemable quality and their motivations are completely nonsensical, they are all essentially unknowingly pseudo intellectuals.

This modern update boasts a handful of genuinely fantastic action sequences, yet they’re not enough to warrant a recommendation in what is otherwise a limp and incoherent thriller.

For Real Action, There’s No Substitute for Stunt Professionals in Movie Production

Let’s put aside the asinine logic that went into the decision to remake Point Break to begin with. Circa —, Hutton taught stage fencing classes for actors via the Bartitsu Club, where he also served on the Board of Directors and learned the basics of jujutsu and the Vigny method of stick fighting from his fellow instructors. Daredevils often perform foranl an audience.

Thirteen years later, Mantz’s business partner Frank Tallman also died in an aviation accident.

Somebody here wrote “non-sensical plot”. I was enthusiastically exuberant about returning to what I’ve known as a cult classic, the original “Point Break”. Wonderfully shot and performed.

While playing Vin Diesel ‘s double, was killed when moie hit a pillar of the Palacky Bridge in Pragueparasailing during one of the action scenes. Those pictures are snapped on set by still photography pros who are members of the Intl. Stunt work is hard to come by. During the later stages of the film, where John Wayne ‘s raiding Union Army troop are fleeing the Confederate Armya stuntman falls from his horse during the scene where a bridge is blown up.


By the early s, the motion picture industry was starting to fire-up on both sides of the Atlantic Oceanmovoe had no need for professional stunt performers. It’s basically a bunch of extreme sport stunt shots glued together with nonsensical storyline, bad acting and awful script. I know and understand what goes through the minds of extreme sports enthusiasts and why they do it.

No wonder the film has exceptional cinematography with setting like surfing in the middle of the ocean, Angel falls and the Alps.

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The preference to employ ready existing professionals from outside the film industry, either as fornao or doubles, continued in the period both up to and beyond World War IIwhen again the industry was awash with young, fit men looking for work. Everyone in this movie acts stoned out of their mind. In the present day with ISIS at large and abortion clinics getting blown up, it is totally outrageous to make us root for characters who are basically terrorists.

Retrieved 24 June Who the hell let this turkey escape? And the epilogue is horrendously shoehorned, like it’s nothing more than a tip off the hat, because By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anywhere stunts take place Description: Its too late for me, but please save yourself and don’t watch this movie.

Totally, completely offensive and anger-making. Most flrnal in the industry recommend developing a range of skills, rather than specializing in one area.

I lied and will reiterate: But his longing for the sport and his gratitude to Bodhi are stronger than his Xtunt mission.

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