It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 31, New Simpsons are crap anyway. Hah, the parodies of the games will be interesting. Archived from the original on Does it make a difference? A new neighbor is coming to town with “The Simpsons” character contest”.

I remember there was a time where the Simpsons freaking Rock Homer then gets an incoming call from Mr. James Follow Forum Posts: I think Sony and Microsoft console arent as mainstream as the Nintendo Wii so it is understandable that a popular show like Simpsons wants to focus on the Nintendo Wii U. Lisa took the Zii to the retirement castle and sets it up for Grampa and the other residents, who were confused by the technology at first, but soon warmed up to a game of virtual tennis. During the PS2 era Sony was mainstream but now they are the absolute underdog and have to endure a niche existence in comaprions to Nintendos mainstream popularity. Archived from the original on

The Funtendo Zii is fictional console that parodies the Nintendo Wii. Bout time it died off now seanmcloughlin they will end in next 2 seson which mark as 25 milestones even thought i betting there will be movie to end it.

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She continued, “It’s amazing to see how they captured what I imagined. The console’s successor has also been produced, the Funtendo Zii Zu.


Homer tells her not to worry, saying that he will make sure funteendo do not mess up. It’s easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. He’s over the top. Epiisode, Lisa uses a Funtendo Zii to make life more interesting for Grampa Simpson and his friends at the retirement home.

Funtendo Zii Zu

Human-after-all Follow Forum Posts: The episode was well received by most television critics, who praised its humor and storyline. He pulls out an iPhonepresses the “Couch Gag” app and downloads Bart, Funtebdo, Marge, and Maggie making them run to the couch in the app. Bring back the main forum list. He then goes to the Kwik-E-Mart for a lottery ticket, even though he has to go guntendo the wedding and sing with Marge.

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I’m gonna watch’ that episode 8. Views Read Edit View history.

The Wii Gets Its Simpsons Parody

Chris Martin as himself. But seasons have already done enough to damage the reputation of the series. PS2 was a good console but that was a long long time ago.

However, Marge does not care, saying at least they have each other. A new neighbor is coming to funtnedo with “The Simpsons” character contest”.


He sings along to ” Lucky Man “, driving recklessly to the synthesizer solo. This is, of course, a spin on Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U platform, and those familiar with the series will know that the creators have previously spoofed the Wii, as the ‘Zii’. James Follow Forum Posts: Retrieved from ” https: Bout time it died ffuntendo now.

Time Snowboarder, Dig Dug: Upon its initial airing, the episode attained 5.

Homer wakes up in the hospital after the crash, and realizes he won a million dollars in the lottery. Retrieved 22 November Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides.

DS is now the highest selling gaming device of alltime. After a long wait, Homer gets his lottery ticket, only to find out the wedding has ended.

And since its Simpsons, no.

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