Advancing aggressively, Alicia is shot during the operation, but Faldio is able to help her to safety. When they inform Welkin that babysitter lizards have start gathering amidst the rubble, he realizes that there must be a way out. They are able to hear Welkin outside but cannot dig their way out. Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2 Discussion 1 2 3 4 5 japanme They comment about their swimsuits, play a game of competitive volleyball, and do other leisure activities. Due to Largo’s passion for vegetables, he would use vegetable flowers instead of roses The Equus fires on the fleeing Darcsens. Favoring his Regular Army, Damon orders Squad 7 to play a support role and stay away from the front.

I think i watch this series to the end. After the battle, most of the Squad 7 have accepted Welkin with the exception of Rosie who adamantly refuses to acknowledge Isara. The two Militia officers head out to visit the Valkyrur Ruins with Alicia, Ramal, and Isara but their jeep breaks down due to mechanical failure. When Rosie is asked by Squad 7 to represent them in the talent show, she refuses to do so if Isara will be present and storms out in anger. Welkin, Faldio, and Ramal dress in fundoshi for a Gallian festival held in the city of Touyo. I’m liking this anime more and more, can’t quite explain why I find it interesting but for something based off a game it’s great, looking forward to next weeks episode. Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2 Discussion.

Faldio manages to convince them otherwise, saying that the best way to humiliate people like Damon is keep winning battles and save Gallia.

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After Cordelia returns to her quarters to rest, she is abducted by unknown assailants. History’s probably not your strong point, I guess. During the chase, chronucles of them are spotted by Imperial scouts and fired upon.

Karl is relieved that Selvaria accepts him as her aide. Mainichi Shimbun in Japanese. Welkin, Faldio and Zaka proceed to make preparations to destroy General Gregor’s armored train known as vhronicles “Equus”, while simultaneously attacking the local Imperial headquarters and the Darcsen concentration camp.

Moved by Alicia’s compassion, he re-inserts the safety pin in his grenade and before the soldier passes away, he tells them his episodde, Mikhail Weber. They flee to Bruhl, with the Imperial forces in close pursuit. More Top Epusode 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Meanwhile, at the Gallian camp, Welkin and Squad 7 are trying to contact Alicia, but are stopped by Regular Army officers. Captain Varrot then informs Welkin that, in an effort to raise their morale, Squad 7 has been tasked with liberating Bruhl, the hometown of Welkin, Alicia and others in the squad.


Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles- – E 21 – [VOSTFR]

A distraught Ramal accuses Welkin of not caring about his sister’s death. Selvaria Bles also makes an end appearance.

Nice episode, I didn’t expect Welkin to already be in the army though. Welkin is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as commander of Squad 7 with Alicia as his Sergeant and second in command, much to her dismay. He also tells Jaeger that he executed Karl for standing in his way, and threatens Jaeger with the same fate should he prove disloyal.

Karl becomes excited and brings back elisode crate load of clothes which consist of doctor’s clothing, Squad 7 uniforms, and typical civilian dresses. She ends up losing, but they continue to play until the next morning, with Maximillan not paying any attention to the time BBCode Hear the word. He takes Welkin to a makeshift bathhouse and tells Welkin that he was in a similar situation.

Selvaria, being considered the most powerful, was kept at the lab while the rest of the orphans including Alicia were sent away to foster families. Irene warns Alicia, Isara and Ramal of a deeper conspiracy at work.

Maximilian survives the attack unharmed, much to his older brother, the Crown Prince’s consternation. Meanwhile, Selvaria fumes over her failure to protect Maximilian, while the Imperial Prince is determined to continue the invasion despite the loss at Naggiar.

I think battles really good.

It is revealed that the kidnapping was a play for power arranged by Prime Minister Maurits von Borg with the cooperation of the Federation Ambassador. Unknown to them Selvaria and Maximilian are also present in another part of the ruins.


It looks to have better defense than best Russian tank T! Yeah me too, I was actually ballian when I saw that guy get shot. Taking Cordelia’s shield and lance, Alicia faces Selvaria on the battlefield. The following day, Squad 7 and Gallian regulars assault Dillsburg in early morning fog, but the artillery pieces rout the main Gallian force and while coming to help them, the Nameless rescue Isara, who was being pursued by Imperial soldiers.

She then summons her deputy Karl to do some research on how civilians dress and live. The Edelweiss’s speed and maneverability seem closest to the light, galliaan tanks that popped up in the gallin years, such as the Soviet BT series.

Pretty good action, and WTF the blue tank deflected a missle? Squad 7 and Welkin. Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2 Discussion 1 2 3 4 5 japanme A very makeshift wedding gown is made, and the couple become officially married in the sunset Welkin and Squad 7 pay their respects to Isara at her funeral. An assassin from the Capital attempts to murder Karl, who has succeeded in his mission of keeping Selvaria from Maximillian.

As they battle, they both recognize one other from the Imperial lab where they were held as children. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Back in the palace, Cordelia, in a meeting with Faldio, Welkin, and Borg unaware of his complicity orders that news of her abduction kept secret from the Gallian media. With this Alicia’s army might win!

Isara decides to forgo the festivities if Rosie will agree to sing. The rest of Squad 7 are aware of this, but are unable to do anything about it.

Princess Cordelia is cheered by the citizens of Gallian in her coronation as Archduchess despite her Darcsen heritage being revealed. With their vigor renewed, the Gallians force the Imperials back.

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