So, Neelakantham and Narasimham fall apart. And cut him up. Uncle, but it is inevitable for the sake of Gangotri. Who are you trying to fool? There’s a threat to her life.. The fellow who drew the blood of my darling girl can not remain alive.

Her loud mouth shakes our entire village! Uncle, my Ganga wrote me a letter, uncle. He’s waiting anxiously for you to come there Don’t cry don’t cry! Let’s see,ply the flute. Oh brother, that Simhadri is running off with Gangotri.

Here, take all this change.

Then don’t talk to me. What you still looking at? Since my childhood, Neelakantham Naidu was God. Come wuick, Oh, Oh! Zero out of hundred!

Can you direct me to Mr. Go inside Okay sir.

The mother Ganges, sis. This is Simhadri’s song, no doubt. Hey, where is Simhadri?

Did you hear what the astrologers were saying? O my baby dear darling baby don’t cry 70 What did l say now?

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This young fellow loves ” The fellow who drew the blood of my darling girl can not remain alive. Bring that Narasimham along. From morning when she gets up till,” 82 You back, man” Announce in TV and the papers.


We’ll go have some tiffin. Not to heaven, home. So, this announcement in the paper – is it false? Don’t talk this piece meal tongue, murdering all three languages.

Just once get up ohline For the first time.

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He’s asking if you like them. At subtiltes, you are killing your own daughter. Should l get you the best teacher award? Will you eat in plates or in leaves? To my little goddess born to save me from premature death.

They want to kill me, so they wrote that. Did you see that? You come along now, come on. That’s what irritates me. You can’t even touch my hair! Now to cash it you saying 1 o’clock.

So we trash it. What l said in Urdu is onion. What are you left with? Here, Gangi” Little lady, move your leg aside, l’ll cut off his leg” Not only in this district. Some items are given free, though” Due to her good fortune, now you have” 25 But in our village,” But carve my name, my sister’s name” Suddenly, my mind is very calm. Hey Ranga, you go check that!


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All girls, check your. Simhadri, listen to me. You’ll get out of in Hindi. You subtitlles that jewel shop, you. Now that she’s not here.

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