Not enough schools are stubborn around the processes of learning and school improvement and school management. Plus, news, events and other bits and bobs. Bett is your annual opportunity to experiment with the latest education technology, hear from inspirational figures and experts in the industry and meet your peers from far and wide as in literally from classrooms around the world. A quick update from me with some sad news That means that for every ten of your colleagues, or ten of your students, or ten of your relatives or friends, on average, 1 has dyslexia. Music used in this episode, includes: I launched Landmark in my freshman year in college and by the time I graduated i employed almost 30 employees.

I Speak Arabic aims to illuminate the Arabic language and Arab culture through storytelling. Thank you to this week’s sponsors: It is essential that we understand how these function and what the implications are of silos and biases. More here Have you checked out Innovate Edtech yet? People are so obsessed with coding. Every conversation has involved how do we harness the power of technology Attending Bett?

Listen in to hear about everything from where to hang out in Austin, what happens when you take an artificial intelligence course online aged 13, and how to get over global education being either about holistic wellbeing or being great at PISA.

It’s not just about accessibility, but also about empowering everyone. Plus, news, events and other bits and bobs. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Display lessons and live annotations on all student screens. This episode was recorded at GESF. Have you learnt a huge amount from video? Just the two us and the kids. Watch Kendra Kramer as she shows Vice Ganda how to put lipstick without using a mirror.

I believe in the power of students as teachers. Simon Nelson Future Learn – https: Check out our announcement for The Edtech Podcast Festival – www. And why is the word publisher naughty? Georgia Tech and EDx: This episode was recorded at The Edtech Podcast Festival What companies are Edvinca looking to support and why?


GGV: Spoken Words by Vice and Juan Miguel | HaydiSeyret

Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search. Thank you to Ufi for supporting our mission to improve the dialogue between ed and tech for better innovation and impact. John Gartner Common Cause – https: Realm Charter School https: How can resources developers best communicate about students’ work to teachers?

Its been more than half a decade since free online courses from Stanford kicked off the modern-MOOC or massive online open courses movement. Affect sizes are tiny across the board. Welcome back dear listeners! For full show notes and references go to theedtechpodcast. The 3 lessons for edtech success What he thinks of accelerators, distributors and teacher pension schemes And why he thinks part of our latest obsession with coding is a red herring.

Thanks everyone for a great year of edtech podcast-ing!

Kendra Kramer composes a song for Vice Ganda

Some interesting jobs out there, including here and here. Riffing directly from Wikipedia. Teacher resources here What’s in this episode? Add your thoughts and feedback for inclusion in the next episode, by recording a quick VM for free at speakpipe.

Related News by Email. A quick message from our friends at Class Central. The EdTech Exchange is Europe’s largest community of EdTech Founders and provides members with mentoring, support and a programme of events designed to share best practice through peer-to-peer learning. We have pushed our staff to put try and do a more evidence based analysis of what they do My experience in the DFE at the moment is they are genuinely looking at how to do things differently.


How do you scale innovation? First up, a Chinese AI company in conversation with a US army learning scientist and standards bods on technology in education.

This week i’m in conversation with Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Director of 201 Services at the University of York, to gtv about moving to the cloud, changes in episove techniques, and resource recommendations to stay motivated in tech and education.

And when it comes down to it, what comes first on a phone – a learning game or a photo of your loved ones? Andrew Keen, entrepreneur and author: Team Kramer’s house published: But how we learn languages is changing. WomenEd will therefore campaign and use its collective power to make improvements, so that there is a more equitable balance in terms of gender and ethnicity at leadership level across all sectors of education. Do I think they feel well supported by us?


For example at the time of recording the interviews for this episode the incoming 11th Educational Secretary in the US, Betsy Devos, was advocating for more choice in school options an approach rejected by spisode for only favouring those who are able to exercise such choice due to economic and social mobility and freedom.

This week we are in conversation with Sharon Leu, Policy Advisor for the Office for Educational Technology in the USA whose particular focus is increasing access, decreasing cost, and improving outcomes for all students and adult learners in postsecondary education.

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