Rasik gets a call again and he promises the person to repay the money by the next morning. She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. An enraged Suryakant demands to know from Lakshmi what she had done now. But Menka is delighted when Yuvraj springs a surprise! Baa warns Savitri not to spend much for a daughters wedding, and Savitri gets dejected. Some goons demand their money from Rasik and warn him to repay his debt by the next morning. Baa praises Kshitij for managing the marriage preparations so well but cautions him not to spend much money on Saraswatis wedding.

Gauri and Durga ask Yuvraj to convince their father to forgive Lakshmi. Yuvraj tells Suryakant that he had come inside because he had received a phone call. An enraged Suryakant slaps Lakshmi! At home, Saraswati gets ready, and Gauri blurts out that Lakshmi has gone to search for the girl whom Bhavishya had fought with, at the temple. When Hasmukh sees Menka’s brother, Rasik, also accompanying her, he taunts Halki about Suryakant getting him as dowry! A shrewd Phulki reminds everyone that only Lakshmi wasn’t around to welcome Yuvraj, so Durga says that she has gone to visit the ailing mother of her friend. Yuvraj feeds his father the cake.

The girls try to get in touch with Yuvraj but he is busy gambling and drinking, se he doesn’t attend to the call. A furious Baa summons the girls and accuses Saraswati of being at fault, so she punishes Saraswati by saying that her marriage would be celebrated with grandeur but when she would leave home, all she would get lamxi the betiyann earring!

Lakshmi demands to know from Baa why her mother’s rights were snatched from her. Will Suryakant see Kshitij?

Yuvraj takes Kshitij in his car and asks him to go away. Kshitij tells Lakshmi that he was leaving town because he would not be able to bear seeing Saraswati getting married to another. Later, she explains to the girls that they can have fun staying together in the same room! On the other hand, Gghar taunts Savitri about her ill-mannered daughters. A guilty Saraswati betihann away, crying.

Suryakant is furious but Lakshmi comes to Saraswati’s rescue. Suryakant arrives then and accuses Lakshmi of being a smear to their family’s name. Baa says that there will be no jewellery given for a daughter who doesn’t care about her betiysnn honour. Suryakant tries to intervene but Baa remains firm! However, Lakshmi and Kshitij hide when they see Suryakant.


Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

Baa taunts Savitri ghr all her daughters are pretty and well-bred except Lakshmi! Lakshmi narrates the temple episode to Savitri and pleads her to reject the proposal but Savitri replies that it would be best to remain quiet for now. Menka says that she will leave the house for her good.

Suryakant proudly points to him and announces that Yuvraj is the epitome of good upbringing. At the Goradia home, Saraswati tells a dejected Savitri that she has learnt from her to compromise with circumstances. Baa says that it was now up to her to answer her in-laws!

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan – 19th august (FULL) – video dailymotion

Menka wonders why Kshitij was in their house so late at night. At home, Suryakant is furious with Savitri about the girls not having returned.

Saraswati collides into Lakshmi and drops the candle and knife. Will Saraswati stop Kshitij from leaving? An enraged Suryakant goes to shoot Kshitij but is stopped by Yuvraj who asks him to think about the familys honour and Saraswatis wedding. Durga assures Lakshmi that he would forgive her because it was her birthday the next day, so Lakshmi retorts that her birthday made no difference to anyone except her mother and ghhar. Menka is upset at the amount of jewellery being sent away with Saraswati.

Suryakant feels humiliated because of his daughters. Click here to login. Everyone celebrates Yuvrajs birthday. Baa tells them that Saraswati will indeed go away with just that for causing her son immense pain! Just then, Yuvraj arrives but Suryakant assures him that it’s fine for him to return home late. Chanchal announces to Suryakant that she wants to hand over all her jewellery to Saraswati.

The girl accuses Lakshmi of forcing her to lie about Bhavishya and tells everyone that she had no intention of breaking anybody’s engagement. In the terrace, Lakshmi places Saraswatis hand in Kshitijs. He orders Lakshmi to go back to her room.

Menka asks him not to get angry with Lakshmi because it wasnt the fault of the girls that they had never betoyann her although she had tried to be a good mother. The priest looks at Surykant’s horoscope once more and says that he is surely destined to be the father of a son!


Yuvraj excuses himself saying he has to go for an outing with his friends. He drives away in anger. Savitri goes to her daughters’ room and dejectedly tells them that they will soon get laaxmi and go away.

Baa praises Kshitij for managing the marriage preparations so well but cautions him not to spend much money on Saraswatis wedding.

Rajshri takes an instant liking to Saraswati. Baa then suggests to Suryakant that because Lakshmi doesnt know to behave like a daughter, she should be married off soon so that they can get rid of her! Menka enters the room and scolds Savitri to spare her from trouble at least at night.

Menka then plays the emotional card and asks Lakshmi whether she accepts Saraswati and Bhavishya’s match. Savitri’s divorced younger sister, Chanchal Manini De arrives just then and challenges Suryakant but manages to subtly change the topic!

Lakshmi and Kshitij try to escape but all the doors are shut. Durga reminds her that it was Yuvraj’s birthday too the next day, and their father would lacmi celebrate it.

Ghar ki lakshmi Betiyann part 1 17th augst 09 1 Zeetv – video dailymotion

The wicked Halki and Phulki overhear and warn Savitri that if Menka has decided about the marriage, then their brother would not heed her! Suryakant then announces that the engagement will take place but without Lakshmi’s presence. On the other hand, Lakshmi manages to trace the girl.

Suryakant calls out to Lakshmi and declares that her punishment was that she would not be able to participate in her sister’s wedding! Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much. Three months pass by, and one day, Savitri gets the shock of her life when she sees her in-laws welcoming Suryakant and his new wife Menka Tanushree Kaushal!

Baa too says that new jewellery will be made for Saraswati! Yuvraj tells Kshitij that he had lied only to protect his sisters.

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