Or the black haired one. Read the review on MAL, and I think it seems interesting. And I’m lovin’ it. Shipping cost is bear by both seller and buyer in half. I will catch up eventually! Higurashi also needs a special mention – that shows Fuked up. Following at most, a few regular males and the outragious concequences of their actions. Or is this some kind of alternate reality kind of thing?

Howmany are gonna want a red MTAC and prays that it goes 3 times faster? Venefice Amarr Empire Anita Hardone Fraternity of St. Great watch, if you saw the TV series the movie continues it. If you don’t play to win in FW, then you’re playing for Caldari. LH having that safety net is interesting, but it takes away any real sense of ‘danger’ Still, good show.

The entire series is on Youtube. But neither really effect each other – just same characters. The animes name, whether it’s a series or a movie, a desription, the picture of the anime, how many stars its gotten and how many voteswether it’s completed or ongoing, and when it was released. Car rear camera rearview paking camera reverse monitor rear backup camear rear viewer for Nissan Sunny night viosn. Orange, the chess game and Spinzaku were all hilarious.

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Any fan of anime is a friend of mine. Any direction you would like to take? Its a fking joke lol. Saw a few on here though, which is what brought me over here. I’m still wondering what are they going to do with the ero-scenes, I bet the fanbase would like to see something like that, even if it’s something short and covered like the sex scene between Yuki and Yuno in Mirai Nikki.


I’m going to nominate you episods a Pulitzer for this prize review.

Total eclipse Code geass OMG you are such a plebeian baby. Surt gods end wrote: I watched the first ep of LH and stopped. But I have a thing for a strong female lead and interesting setting.

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You all are to far gone Yes we are. I still have a soft spot in my heart for The Devil Lady, as cheesy as it was. Then riddle me this. Read the review on MAL, and I think it seems interesting.

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Galaxy Express – movie Tokyo babylon X – the forever. The merc with a mouth – beware of random bouts of insanity! I don’t like anime so how is that going to work. I only hard time I peisode had we in Fairy Tail. D Now give me one! To be fair most of those are pretty bad.

Or was everything just a dream or something? Look up the new anime season on YouTube and there should be a video talking about all of em and short synopsis with short clips of them too I’m pretty excited for chuunibyou demo koi season 2 tho. The Zvezda plot and animewavfles of them are great!

Fairy Tail having problems finding epsiode past something because they stopped having medium quality english dubbed and I can’t find another website that does Oh! I know Crunchyroll has it, but I don’t know if anyone else does. But in Code Geass’ defence it was an incredibly entertaining bad. How exactly does a Biscuit gain Valor?


Is it that good? I hate when people use that as an excuse, just anlmewaffles vein. Most of them filled with 20 mins of individual characters staring impossibly hard at each other before a 20 second fight. Railgun is kinda slice-of-life ish, and slower than Index.


In no particular order: Beautiful animation quality – like Tari Tari. I’m a sucker for Slice of Lifes mixed in with other genre shows, though.

I happen to adore tsundere’s. I forgot how funny this show was. Gribakir South Ward Deactivated.

RejectedUsername The Southern Legion 1. I shall revive this thread epksode a new show. Ouran is another personal favorite of mine for it’s amazing character development.

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Will be looking forward to this one progress the plot season 1 built a foundation for. Season 23 is also green lit already from what I understand. Samurai Girls Hyakka Ryouran: Episoed arrived at the party a little late and most of the good anime I was going to list has been listed But I believe you missed some and correct me if these have been listed already Lupin the III and Case Closed.

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