Do you — or someone you know — have what it takes to be a hot New Director? Editing, Animation, Sound Design Reel. L to R “Meet the New Directors” panel: This is a video featuring some of the higher profile productions I recorded sound for. Criteria for entry is directing any type of advertising or entertainment content professionally less than 3 years. A sample of some of my work in Audio Post Production. Directors selected for the Showcase typically come from diverse backgrounds.

Directors selected for the Showcase typically come from diverse backgrounds. What can Scorechamber Audio do for you? The work is so inspiring, and so diverse. Being selected for the showcase affirmed for me the value of my determined effort to create work that’s not just “good enough”, but better than anyone imagined. Editing, Animation, Sound Design Reel. I was the Sound Mixer and boom operator and recorded all of the dialog on set. This year’s search entry s can be in any of three categories of motion pictures directing. Click here for more examples of my sound work:

Skip to main plc. If the work involves advertising or entertainment content that consumers view on a screen–TV screen, Cinema screen, Computer screen, Mobile screen or Game screen, SHOOT is searching out who’s doing the most innovative work and what’s coming next. Commercial for iProspect, targeted internet ad marketing. I often work as a one-man-sound-band, but can also work in a sound team.

Directors selected for the Showcase receive enormous career-making exposure!

Production Assistant who DRIVES

What surprised me the most was the variety of directors–male, female, international, American, young, and old. Monday, February 25, I acted as writer, shooter, sound mixer, editor, and publisher on this video for a corporate client.


Some first established themselves on the agency side of the business, while others were DPs, feature filmmakers or film students. Custom music and sound design for filjs commercial video production. Paddy Mac the Farm Dog.

Abha Talesara – Abha’s Bio, Credits, Awards, a… – Stage 32

It was great exposure to showcase our work. Fuel Up To Play It was incredible to be awarded the opportunity to stand-out amongst my talented colleagues and participate as a fresh new visionary within the industry. Tagged Videos Upload a Filmd. Only work entered via the official form will be considered.

I loved meeting the various directors in the showcase.

The clever and light-hearted account illustrates just how…. This opportunity extended from an amazing night hosted at the DGA theater to continued press after the event. It is one of the finest new talent presentations in our business.

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To be eligible to enter, directors tilms be directing professionally less than three years. Sound Design demo reel from The Arrival Studios, which includes a feature length film, Indie films, and a Disney documentary. One bond the directors share is great style and vision, whether g,uckstern be reflected in comedy, visuals or storytelling. SHOOT provides insights from established filmmaking talent as well as giving its readers a heads-up on the up-and-comers.

Meet the New Directors Panel An annual tradition, we ask all the new directors from the Showcase in attendance to individually stand and then have several of the new directors and two industry pros join us on stage.


It’s a terrific way to meet a significant amount of talented people all under one roof who g,uckstern their time in a thoughtful manner. SHOOT provides timely and relevant information including behind-the-scenes looks at the best new work and the talented people, companies, and creative tools behind the work.

I’m Dan Altuz, a video editor, animator, and sound designer based in New York.

Also in that Showcase was Keith Bearden. Information from this SHOOT Publicity Wire release may be redistributed in part or in whole by members of the media, bloggers, and cinema, TV, entertainment, film, commercial, online video production and post, celebrity fan sites. This video is kind of fun for plc as it showcases all facets of my audio production,the actual location sound – miking the actors, mixing on location.

Gluckstern Films, Llc

Become a member Login. Criteria for entry is directing any type of advertising or entertainment content professionally less than 3 years.

Terri Timely directed Geico’s “Unskippable: Tagged Videos Upload a Video. MindWarp was founded in order to bring high quality and creative web design, video and film work to businesses in need. Obama Remembers Pearl Harbor. We serve corporate, broadcast and Internet clients from around the….

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