Culmination of a really odd relationship I guess. All that time and feelings invested washed away by memory loss? Sure I can understand the video and all but even for Kouko it just felt way too out of character for her. Idk what to say. Felt a little forced though imo, but I thought it was still pretty decent. Last few episodes i thought that Linda had given up on Banri but now he is different.

However, it’s not long afterwards that Koko’s dad shows up to give him a lift home, which, while strange in itself, does give us some kind of hope that Koko’s feeling regretful about her outburst. Uhhhh wtf is going on? Like I said before in the speculation on the ep 21 ending, in the episode 17 it was mentioned that she will be with him ” As long as you’re whole, that’s enough for me “. Add in that Banri really does temporarily forget her during each of his episodes and he’s extremely sure that it might be permanent. The drama scene with koko and linda was way over the top. This episode was too funny for me.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Point taken, this episode really makes the standard of ‘love hurts’.

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You have to look at this from both sides. Got something to live for, I know that I won’t surrender.

Banri must feel hopeless right now. Okay,moving to team Linda. Koko has become casually heartless. Top it all off with an amazing Golden time and you’ve got feelsthursday.

Koko is just abandoning Banri so she doesn’t get hurt from the possibility of Banri forgetting her. Mitsuo seems quite bothered about why this was kept from him, but I’m hoping that this tiime because he’d have been totally fine with finding out earlier. If he still ends up with Koko, there’s a lifetime of pain ahead of him.


Why would she be so bothered about Banri’s love life otherwise? Like I said before in the speculation on the ep 21 ending, in the episode 17 it was mentioned that she will be with him ” As long as you’re whole, that’s enough for me “. New Banri said that he was ready to have Old Banri back but he must fight for Koko because giving up is easy but he’s not going anywhere with that.

That’s too much and wasn’t going to end well. Also, the preview voice over – Linda trying to give back Banri’s hair made me lol. Linda x Banri all day.

She seems to be becoming a lot more important recently, and while I don’t think she’ll get any major roles beyond this before the ending, it’s certainly welcome.

Idk what to say. This got me thinking about Banri’s reaction to the non-stop barrage of bad news, and I’m not sure I’ve seen someone so willing to fight anyone and everyone.

I just hope everything ties up well in the end, isn’t rushed and is preferably not completely predictable. Announcements I look forward to reading: Uhhhh wtf is going on?

Golden Time Episode 22 Discussion

Alright,moving back to Linda. Pm me the spoils plz Edit: Well, finding the empty pill anlmewaffles in Banri’s trash is likely a big reason, and perhaps not only because he hasn’t decided to share this with her. I haven’t finished Toradora, but I’m very anxious to know if this show will have a goldenn ending or will everything just go down the hill. Dating Linda might be the best for Banri in the long run, through the eyes of Koko.


Culmination of a really odd relationship I guess. Koko also hands in her resignation to the festival club in an attempt to sever yet another tie to Banri.

Imagine yourself finding that tape, though Then we have Animewaffpes with Banri, she wishes to go back but she knows that it can’t happen so the scene felt a bit awkward With two episodes to go, you can bet that we’re not finished with this wnimewaffles relationship just yet.

If it is going to have a happy ending, I’m hoping this tension doesn’t get dragged on too long. And I still think that he should go to the hospital. Ahahaha yeah I noticed that!

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Well, not since that show with Russell Crowe in it, anyway. At least Yana now knows the truth about Banri and Linda. No original ending, thank god. Jesus koko get your shit together and quit being a brat Seems like an ass pull attempt at forced drama. Kouko, likely, wants to give him space to figure out what he is, who is the real Banri and doesn’t want to tie him down. She’s happy for him, but at the same time all hurt I’m guessing.

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