Ishana’s mother advices her to forget Nikhil and move on. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting. Share your feedback in the comments. Gustakh Dil – 21st July Sagar Khurana and Nikhil console Laajo on seeing her depressed. They wish each other on Diwali. The media accuses Sagar Khurana of planing the incident for Trishna’s Laajo publicity. We try to take out time from our work for our passion i.

Laajo suffers from depression after having a wardrobe malfunction on the ramp. Nivea coloron lip crayon – Rs. Vehicles catch fire in Aero India show at Begaluru, fire fighters at the spot Make sure you subscribe and never miss a new video: Please Check our new compilation. Sanjay Dhupa Mishra Music: Laajo decides to leave Sagar Khurana’s show. Saraswati showers Laajo with affection on seeing her sad.

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To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Barkha overhears their conversation and tells Nikhil that Laajo is not suitable for the family. Benefits of all the oils: However, Laajo wants to build Nikhil and Ishana’s relationship. Ram Bachan and Saraswati panic when Nikhil enquires them about Laajo.

Why is Laajo tolerating such a relationship with her husband? Nikhil motivates her to study in Sonvarsha. New funny videos A. By Kalash Music views. She sacrifices her love for Nikhil, and urges him to bring Laajo back in his life.

Ishana agrees to the same. A manager of the jewellery shop praises Nikhil for dealing with the 1886, tactfully. Nikhil makes his family realise that he is finding it hard to forget Laajo.


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Gustakh Dil – 28th April 2014 : Ep 191

In episode of Gustakh Dil, aired on 9th AprilAditi vents her frustration on Nikhil’s family Ishana breaks down into tears on being neglected by Nikhil. By Neha Desai epsiode.

S Films Short Movie Saraswati rebukes them for being orthodox. Sfarplayer us in these workouts and let us help you get into your dream body!

By fame School Of Style views. Sagar Khurana vents his anger on Laajo for misbehaving with him.

He’s living this life through me. By Nidhi Katiyar views. Ideal series to start for those who want to lose weight and get fit. By Sudarshan News views. To know more, keep watching Gustakh Dil Putty is dejected as her parents want to get her married.

Ep Nikhil visits Sonvarsha, and searches dik Laajo. He vents his frustration on Laajo when she tries to console him. In episode of Gustakh Dil, aired on 10th AprilLaajo wishes to perform Parvati puja for Nikhil Inder worries on learning that Nikhil has fallen in love with Laajo.

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Laajo dreams about Nikhil and Ishana’s engagement, and prays for their wellbeing. Please Check our new compilation. The beautiful actress passed away on this day in Dubai, where she had gone to attend the wedding of her nephew, actor Mohit Marwah. Have A Nice Day Nikhil visits Sonvarsha, and searches for Laajo. Siddharth tells Aisha that he loves her and promises to marry her. Will Nikhil learn about their misdeed? One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Gustakh Dil – 21st July Gustakh Dil – 1st April – Ep In episode of Gustakh Dil, aired on 1st AprilNikhil’s family is annoyed with him Barkha becomes tormented after Nikhil postpones his and Ishana’s engagement.


Nikhil apologises to Laajo for hurting her, and strives to learn about her feelings for him. Will Putty’s parents learn that Laajo has foiled her marriage? Ishana remains despaired on recalling Nikhil. Nikhil announces in front of Saraswati that he is in love with Laajo, and wants to take her back to his house.

Barkha fails to visit Sonvarsha as she falls sick. Laajo tries to hide from Nikhil. Nikhil’s family is shocked about the guatakh. Will Putty’s parents learn that Laajo has foiled her marriage?

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Inder asks Barkha not to bother Nikhil. Will Nikhil succeed in winning Laajo’s love?

Ep Laajo tends to Mili’s injury. Aditi becomes shocked on learning about Nikhil and Ishana’s breakup. Laajo helps Putty and Bansi in building their relationship. Sanjay Gustakhh Mishra Music: Ishana scolds Nikhil for staying away from her for a long time, on the phone. Hey guys, so nykaa was on sale. Lajo shares her feelings with Nikhil, while they get stuck on the way, late at night.

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