Guy Sajer’s book “Denn dieser Tage Qual war gross” depicts something personally experienced, and very specifically from the point of view of a human being who is half French and who’s other half is German. What he is finally saying is: War is capricious and the pain takes on a measure both universal and specific. Personally I am surprised this movie is to be made. You want it to end, but, conversely, want the exquisite experience of reading the heart-aching, expressive prose to go on. It is a book about a young boy growing into manhood through a time of total war and how it affected him. He takes us on a journey through two brutal Russian winters, being bombarded by artillery, taking part in batt Guy Sajer was a sixteen year old boy in who was brought up in France by a French father and a German mother.

But thereupon, some of the author’s buddies and others from the division came forward and confirmed much of what he wrote. At the end of the day most soldiers are more or less the same. The book is a description through the eyes of a young man of hell on earth. Guy Sajer was only 16 when he entered the German army, eventually making it into the most elite regiment. They were people with ideals, capable of courage and victims of their own demons. It makes it a bit unusual for the genre, but more than most I felt I was walking near an emaciated German soldier who was gradually transformed from a boy to a beast to a walking corpse.

It is an unrecognizable ghost who arrives, on a mild evening in the late fall season, in the area of Wissembourg.

The Eastern front in all it’s horrible form. The Forgotten Soldier Movie is now Official!

That way, we can at least entertain if not reach any kind of common ground. The book was originally written in French in Sajer has his share of asides and oddities. I just hope Tom Cruise’s expensive mess doesn’t give producers and directors cold feet about this type of movies I am quite sure that Guy Sajer did not tell a fictitious story. Despite a Teutonic tendency to grandiloquence and repetition, Sajer is brutally effective. I’m not sure so,dier this book has escaped me for as long as it skldier.


Even to the last chapter I was spellbound.

A Look Back At Paul Verhoeven’s Cancelled WW2 Epic

Brian Thompson Reflects On Cobra. Retrieved March 29, Trying doing it in temps and plowing through six feet of snow. Open Preview See a Problem? Doug Nash is offline. It is not easy for many, considering the crimes committed, and for the well informed Sajer does not make it much easier. But to his reader, this Sajer, doomed to survival, may be as moving an argument against war as all the corpses he unflinchingly bears witness to.

Pen name of Guy Mouminoux. With all that in mind this is still a read about a brutal time for a young man. In a word it was brutal. It is a book about a young boy growing into manhood through a time of total war and how it affected him.

Hitler and Stalin and Roosevelt kovie Churchill had their agendas.

It is erratic, at its best in describing battlefield horrors instead of the mundane. Back at the front, he is thrown right into the abyss again, in time for the chaotic blood-soaked retreat from Ukraine.

Frgotten 01, Johnny rated it really liked it. He has become tuy. They would give God knows anything to be able to join forgottfn, if only they could feel themselves to be as worthy as these Hitler Youth.

The plug was pulled late and the movie never got off the ground, although it was rumoured still into the s. Ranks, protocols, locations, and all that But if you ask them, these same veterans will insist that what they’ve told you is the absolute truth, and they sincerely believe what they say. The regular soldier thought this way, he acted this way and suffered and died in the pitiless retreat actions on the gigantic expanses of Russia, which in itself gave you a feeling of loneliness and loss if faced single handedly as an individual human being or as a single fighter.


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Visit Anthony N’s homepage! This is truly a forgotten gem, worthy of being more well-known. Russian losses were greater. This i Amazing, shocking, and unforgettable. Yet the book is far from a tract for pacifism.

The Forgotten Soldier

The mother is German. Sajer himself is of French and German parentage. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A second period of leave – later in the memoir – is cancelled before he can even reach his destination, the whole train transport being reversed – back depressingly to the front.

He and his comrades envy guj young Germans of their same age, who, in the uniform of the Hitler Youth, are preparing themselves for their upcoming wartime adventures.

One should really read such accounts under compulsion, in discomfort Jan 22, Amit rated it it was amazing Shelves: The debate is available, just search the forgtoten, I’ve ready the book 2 or 3 times, either way it’s a good one.

Jonathan M is gu. Such a juxtaposition concerns me. This book gives altogether a different aspect of world war. He believes in the anti-communist szjer of the cause, which is more understandable. I was still three months short of eighteen, but felt at least thirty-five. After five years, it had grown to 17 notebooks, written in pencil, illustrated by exact drawings — so that nothing would be lost. They want to defend each other.

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