She wanted to dance it with Sano, but in the end, she bades her farewell, because of Hibari’s words. It was only later when Sano’s father requested for him to jump, but Sano knocked over the pole. It’s because she really loved this school that she felt like she couldn’t lie to anyone any longer. Sekime runs towards Sano and hugs him in a congratulatory manner. But she bounces back from his harsh words, which makes him think about her determination. The next day, Juri came with her own amulet but she saw the one that Mizuki did for Sano. Later, Nakatsu’s mother told him that it’s good for him to be chasing his dreams and be happy, but she wanted the best for him as well.

Entering her room with a bright smile, she saw Nakatsu and Sano waiting for her. I was thinking of maybe doing Ikemen desune, too. Stop trying to get into people’s hearts! At the finals, Kagurazak was shown jumping over the pole and the mean director stood up, “Bravo! I hope that you’ll recap the upcoming episodes She quickly wiped her tears away and went back to take drinks for everyone. I wish that I could see more of each character. Busy-busy season for me.

I hope that you’ll recap the upcoming episodes Nanba asked if Sano knew, and Mizuki replied that he didn’t. The search for the panty thief uncovers a bra in Mizuki’s luggage, endangering her secret, but Sano reveals that Yuujiro is the real thief.

Midnight Express

Then again, this was a long time ago before I discovered just how many times remaje particular romance cliche is rewritten and replayed in almost every single rom-com known to man. Ikemen Paradaisualso known as Ike-parais a Japanese drama produced by Fuji Television and first aired on July 3, Mizuki went to find Io san who asked her if she really wanted to leave.


The students found out that Mizuki left without saying anything, and they were also notified that the school would still be closing down anyway. So many to choose from.

Mizuki ran along the track before disappearing into the equipment room with her clothes. My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 2 Recap. Rpisode reply Enter your comment here Mizuki apologised to Sano for creating such a stir when his competition was near hey it rhymed!: I’ve read somewhere that their version will be different Thanks so much for recapping of the final episode… I really do agree that I like this final episode of the remake than the first Japanese version….

Title screen of the series. Nakatsu stammered and wanted to tell Umeda of Mizuki’s gender but before he could finish his sentence, Umeda threw him out of the infirmery. That means minus Oguri Shun and Horitaki Maki, everyone else was spot on in their characters no matter how ridiculous and illogical the scripts asked of them. Before I continue, do take note that I recognise my error in the previous recap about this being the last episode and thank you for those who corrected me!

As she appeared in her uniform, the students formed a bridge as she crossed and they laughed. She met with Kagurazaka who requested for her to pass Sano the letter detailing the changes to the practice sessions’ times.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Remake Episode 8 Recap – rambling thoughts

rejake The last four episodes took place in a Twilight Zone-like universe and made Ohsaka Gakuen seem like a school for lost boys. Ooh I see, so each version is a little different then. There was a card in the envelope with everyone’s well-wishes written on it. Notify me of new posts via email. One of the school directors informs the students that the school will indeed be closing down and it will be good for them to apply for other schools.


Mizuki had to wash all the Taekwando costumes by herself, even though one of the dorm members offered to help. They apologised to each other for what they had said, and when Sano went to wash up, Mizuki clutched the amulet in her hands.

hana kimi episode 8 recap | THOUGHTSRAMBLE

Sano was at the hospital with his brother and the reporter told him that his father told her, “Sano had a lot of potential that he hasn’t reached yet, but if I tell him that, he will sure to rebel…what to do…?

Oscar reveals this sense of animousity towards Hibari — they were like dance rivals in the past… ercap they were like eight or something haha. The music changes to some modern beat and the directors all say that this shows the culture of the school is utterly lost.

When I first started watching the J-dorama version of Hana Kimi, I did a lot of cringing in the first episode because of the ridiculousness. Nakatsu looked at her sadly, as she rushed up to her bed to pack her luggage.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 10 Recap

P but Sano told her that it’s all right. He went into this fit again remaie was embarrassed when he realised that he was the one who said his own name. Tennoji looked scandalised but Oscar had a grin on his face, showing that he had probably thought of the same thing.

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