Whatever the case was, according to our customs, you should have consulted with me. Although warned, Mustafa, who doesn’t believe that his father intends to kill him, enters his father’s tent and is murdered by executioners. Newer Post Older Post Home. Archived from the original on 14 July He is doing this to protect himself Retrieved 29 May All rights to material on this website are reserved to blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”. I am simply busy with the campaign preparations.

Are you joking with me?!!!! Mihrimah slaps Esmahan and she falls down, hitting her head against the marble, being rendered unconscious Would it be right if all the Shehzades went to the campaign? How could you put yourself in trouble this way?! Meanwhile, Shah is speaking to the Sultan, who asks what is wrong, what is the problem, but Shah says it is a good matter. As Mihrimah is leaving, she comes across Taslicali waiting in the hallway. I personally took his head!

Thank God you are buried this calamity! He finally chooses Selim to take the post.

He screams in pain then her guard wraps a rope around his neck. I have decided to sultzn Bali Bey. Then Mehmet and Mustafa leave and Hurrem is left sighing. Mustafa tells him he is there to say goodbye as it is time to go. As he later realizes that episoode father has offered the Shah money in exchange for his head, he decides to run away, but gets captured and imprisoned.

Mustafa says to Shah and Hatice: She tells them all to leave.

All rights to material on this website are reserved to blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”. The series premiered on January 5,on Show TV. What do you say? I am sad – but you will stay here. Moreover, I am not afraid to get a little naughty. I am not the girl who is in the last minute finagling of a date.


Meanwhile Beyazid is packing some things Retrieved 21 September Archived from the original on 29 November Are you joking with me?!!!! She is in the harem all alone. We are already very late! Information, ideas, text, logos, images, graphics, and photographs, contained on this blog are the exclusive property of blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.

The greater part of people loves to date with a young lady who they have sfason with at any rate for an once.

Archived from the original on 19 July Retrieved from ” https: This is a lesson hariim the both of us. I will not go on the campaign This project is very important for me, Ebu Suud Effendi, if it is necessary you can pay more for the land He will also provide strength to us against Hurrem.

Magnificent Century Episode 1 – English Subtitles

Now go return to your room. I would never go back on my words! Mihrimah slaps Esmahan episoed she falls down, hitting her head against the sultzn, being rendered unconscious Retrieved 30 April Suleyman wishes her better Mustafa says that he must go and continue his duties and that Rustem Pasha sent his greetings to her, and that he did what he could to seasn him mustafa.

She says she had come to visit her father, but Bali Bey is inside, then she tells her mother that Esmahan came to her telling her that Shah Sultan was going to speak to hadim Sultan earlier, and that clearly the Sultan is talking about this to Bali Bey. Barbarossa says it is true, and that he has called them to the Vatican, to get to an understanding Meanwhile, outside, Mihrimah meets her mother.


I am still in pain and suffering God willing we will return from the campaign, and we will take care of your wedding. The classmate tells him he has his clothes ready and then Beyazid says that they will wear the clothes and they will go together I have never seen Hurrem Sultan not achieve what she wants Following the previous events, everyone hears about Ibrahim’s adultery.

It is me, right? Meanwhile, Shah is speaking to the Sultan, who asks what is wrong, what is the problem, but Shah says it is a good matter. What are you going to do to get rid of her?

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The administrator of Gujurat, Bahadir Shah has sent his harem and treasure to Makkah, upon seeing the aggression of the Portuguese.

I have no feelings towards you Sultanim Everyone needs a piece of extraordinary time and the greater part of the occasions goes in way that are constantly kept in the most profound recollections. I would never dare! Look at the effect of our great nation!

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