Kodak made a small change to the thickness and texture of rollfilm backing papers many years ago, and some very old magazines didnt like it so watch out for that too. Hasselblad also added a red progress bar on the left-hand side to show rough film consumption. You can make your own mask indeed. I also recommend you get a body that is compatible with Hassy Winder CW. Don’t buy a Hasselbald A16 back, plus a 90 degree prism finder, plus a Hasselblad CW body, plus a winder, and spend 15 quid on a set of format masks and waste a little film. Part one of this article covered a broad overview of the Hasselblad V-System. These film magazines are covered in detail later in this article. Hasselblad A16 Film Magazine 6×4.

G-Wizz-Pix 7 years ago. Thanks for dispelling the myths around this topic. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Another obscure Hasselblad fact: This signifies that the magazine was produced for exclusive distribution in Japan and a few other Far Eastern territories by Shriro Corporation, who acquired a minority stake in Hasselblad in January The plate was added to allow the holder to be set far back enough from the body, so that the pin would have adequate space to fire.

A16 (645) back on hasselblad…

You may also come across this symbol on some V-System camera bodies. The door on the rear of the magazine also acted as a film reminder and allowed the type of film to be set BW and positive, negative, tungsten or daylightas well as the ISO.

The “E” type is specifically designed for the Series and is equipped with a film speed programming dial and electronic databus connections which transfer the film speed to the camera’s metering system. Excluded from these simple rules are the instant film backs and cut sheet film holders, which I discuss later in this article.

Like the previous poster said, the newer have darkslide holder at the back when not in use. I’m interested in getting an A16 back when I get my hasselblad but looking though the posts here I’m a little confused about the orientation of the shot when using the A16 back using the waist level viewfinder.


Hasselblad A12 1st magazinr — Rear. You must log in or sign up haasselblad reply here. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

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These magazines are fantastic for shooting film, as they have no exposure lock once the 12th frame has been exposed. Tetenal Europe GmbH to reportedly cease fi,m after I use it with either a prism any prism should do or with the WLF. The right hand grip makes the ergonomics not too different from modern cameras thought the Hassy “V” is bulkier and heavier and haszelblad lenses do not handle so quickly.

Why not get yourself a set of Hasselblad format masks.

They required 2 x 3 sheet film to be cut down to size and were sold with an accompanying film cutter — more on that a little later. Add your voice Cancel reply.

Matched magazine inserts and shells 6 Instant film backs and sheet film holders 6. NPC produced a multitude of instant film backs for nearly every major camera system and created two options for the V-System: It can be used with the Series cameras but only works mechanically. You can check to see if your film magazine is compatible with Series One and Two cameras by removing your magazine from the camera and with the film plane pointing towards you, check to see if your magazine has this hole near the top left corner.

Paul Langmead 7 years ago. This film back has a protruding glass plate mounted to the film plane, which can obstruct or damage the focal plane shutter and should be avoided at all costs. Ice crystals on tintype: Hasselblad instant film backs supported only Type 80 and Type film.

Part one of this article covered a broad overview of the Hasselblad V-System. Help by contributing your thoughts, mqgazine and ideas to inspire magaxine reading these pages: Since these cameras had no need to transmit exposure compensation information, this dial was removed.

The numeric designation on each roll film magazine denotes the number of frames it is able to shoot on a single roll ofor 70mm film.


Every single Hasselblad roll film magazine from until uses the same basic dark slide design and material. Hasselblad and various third-parties made and supported a number of instant and sheet film holders for use on Series One, Two and V-System cameras.

If your film magazine has one, you can use it on the F and F series cameras. Film magazines with serial numbers lower than have a slightly different amgazine to their modern counterparts and will not fit later Hasselblad bodies.

Inserts engage with the gearing in magazine shells by means of a notched cog male on the take-up hasselbald. Alexander Meter 7 years ago. Hasselblad E12 — Rear.

Magazone was common to hire spare magazines from pro hire shops if you were a6 a big shoot, along with special lenses etc. This is an ” A16 ” type film magazine for the Hasselblad camera system. I want the masks!

This signifies that the magazine was produced for exclusive distribution in Japan and a few other Far Eastern territories by Shriro Corporation, who acquired a minority stake in Hasselblad in January That’s a good price on the prism though.

You don’t need a prism, but it makes life a lot easier if you hasselblac portrait, the WLF can be really frustrating to do this. Because some clients just cant get their head around the square format.

This means that they can be used with every single V-System camera body variation. Each roll film magazine is comprised of a shell and insert spool holder. On top of that, the 3 numbers on the hasselbladd very easily wear off or are deliberately removed so if you buy a well used mag you will not know if it is matched or not.

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