Cut the tail off and hook it so the herring kind of goes in a circle instead of a spin. Find More Posts by Smitty Find More Posts by samsberr. They are straight-out abusive to some of the fish they catch. Is it any wonder there are guys like jkurtz? Find More Posts by stickfisher. It’s fun to watch most times

I love fishing shows It’s fun to watch most times Find More Posts by jordanb West Linn, OR Posts: They were at I5 one day filming this year. Find More Posts by Smitty I’ve been watching it for 3 years an love every episode.

The host kind of reminds me of buddies I fish with, always talking “mess” and just having a great time. I episoves those antics might be ‘legal’ where those goofballs come from. That’s not to say that I don’t look forward episoees HQ, its just that back then, heck I can’t even explain it other then to say I lived for it.

Can not say I have seen the show Saint Charles, MO Epusodes Originally Posted by LuckyStrike For you guys that watch it, did you guys see the 72 pound king that was caught during the Kodiak Salmon Derby! Find More Posts by mic4fish. They are straight-out abusive to some of the fish they catch. The Fish Box Tuna! Find More Posts by Eggdrifter.

For better or worse, that is simply the way the system works.


Hawg Quest presents Wackem’ in Washington

Find More Posts by BuckJump bebe. I also am a big fan of the guy he fishes with up on the cow.

Sure liked the sleds they used last weekend On the Skagit Find More Posts by samsberr. Love that show, but can’t find it since Hwg switched satellite companys.

Originally Posted by FishingTheWest It’s a fun show and a lot of it’s local which is neat, but it’ll never come close to FishingTheWest from back in the day. Last edited by king flosser; at Catching fish is a bonus stay humble Team Crocs with Socks. They started a new season about a month ago. Thanks fishinfool82 Can some body tell me how to get that darn song out of my head.

He even whines and complains when he’s getting outfished by one of his guests!

wpisodes What a freaking huge fish! Last I heard Hawg Quest is something he works in on the side as he has to make a living in the real world.

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Watch Hawg Quest

He gets just as excited about catching fish as the rest of us. NET Ifish directory of sponsors. Did anyone happen to see Hawg Quest this weekend? Absolutely, FTW was it back in the day. Awesome licks and driving crucnh guitar!!!!


Hawg quest?? –

His enthusiasm for fishing is contagious and you have to love a guy who doesn’t take himself to seriously when on TV. They were putting in and getting ready to go fishing, it was 1: Originally Posted by Springer nut I wonder if glen hall has a ifish if he dosent he needs one he would be great to talk or hook up with springer nut.

They can discuss how to effectively paint your balls orange for Baker Lake sockeye, appropriate yarn colors for fishing the Cascade with guest commentator Brat Bonkerand restoring a Commodore 64 episodess. August 12, Originally Posted by moefish. Originally Posted by Spade Can’t forget that fact that it’s one if not the only show where you want to read the credits “All fish were released unarmed I loved the episode on the Skagit this week as it is close to me, I e;isodes left wanting way more.

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