Nana Patekar shares his experience playing the character of Dr. He greets them with one bokay only. Both the actors come to promote their new film, Dr. He announced in Feb , that due to a throat ailment, he had decided on medical advice to quit stage activities 9. Its idealistic founder, Dr. The first Marathi talkie film, Ayodhyecha Raja, was released in , although the industry is much smaller than the large market driven Hindi cinema based in Mumbai, Marathi cinema is tax free, and is experiencing growth in recent years.

Based on the pleading, Justice directed the Government to assume control of the newspaper which resulted in replacing half of the directors, curiously, the court appointed D K Kunte as Chairman of the Board. Retrieved 14 September However, she lives in Dharavi biggest slum in Asia. They meet on a bus-stop and develop a beautiful bond. Manva shares her experience working as a director in the film. All three of them have a hilarious conversation. He starts welcoming all the guests, including Mrinal Kulkarni, Prasad Oak and others. Zee Network, Indias leading infotainment network, launched it in , the channel was renamed from Alpha Marathi to Zee Marathi in the year

Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi – Episode – September 15, – Best Scene – video dailymotion

The episode begins with Sanskruti Balgude’s dance, who is playing a wonderful role in the new upcoming film, ‘Sanngto Aika’. He also invites the other guests, Sai Tamhankar, Ankush Chaudhary and other special co-stars to the show.

Janhavi regains her memory after living with the Gokhale family for a while. Honar Suun Me Hya Gharchi titlecard.

Honaar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi – Honaar Suun Mee Hyaa Gharchi Episode 56 – September 15, 2013

Shashank Ketkar Tejashree Pradhan. Watch this humorous show to know more. Koum changed WhatsApp so that when a users status is changed, WhatsApp 2.

As a result, he did not swim in his hoonar race until a school carnival at the age of seven. With Bharat’s hilarious performance everyone starts rolling with laughter.


Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi – Episode – September 15, – video dailymotion

He is known for his works of Nirop and Gandha. Episoce as they fall in love with each other, he reveals it to her. Watch this special episode to know more. Shashank Ketkar was married to actress Tejashree Pradhan inbut they divorced in Prakash Rao Amte in the film. It opened new avenues for local content as well local advertisers, Garcia Design – It concentrated on multimedia activities and emerged as a Multimedia House.

Two very famous Marathi singers, Rohit Raut and Sameer Saptiskar makes a fabulous entry to 15tg by singing a beautiful song. He shared this yya with the producer of the film, Aparna Dharmadhikari, the film stars Sameer Dharmadhikari and Devika Daftardar in the lead roles.

The s saw the emergence of directors like Anant Mane who made Marathi films based on the art form Tamasha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, she lives in Dharavi biggest slum in Asia. Watch the entire episode to enjoy more.

Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi – Episode 693 – September 15, 2015 – Best Scene

If he doesn’t listen, he would kill his dad and Shri. Nilesh Sabe chats with them about their career along with other interesting things. Vikram Gokhale at the TV show launch.

Final episode date 24 Jan Shrirang lives with his grandmother and he owns a business Gokhale Gruhaudyog which his grandmother had set 15ht. Bhalchandra also takes the attention of guests and audiences with his comical act. Kushal also enters but he also gets a Casino wheel with him.

WhatsApp — WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform and end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for smartphones. To save his loved ones’ lives, he makes Shri face hona humiliation in front of Social Media.

Init began to epsode daily editions, ineditor Robert Knight bought the Indian shareholders interests, merged with rival Bombay Standard, and started Indias first news agency.


Actor engaged to girlfriend Priyanka Dhavale — View pictures”. Retrieved 14 September Because of his special interest in sets, costumes, design and painting, he chose episodes from Maratha history tharchi interpreting in the new medium, baburao Painter made many silent movies till During this, Bharat as a Sarpanch of the village enters in and opposes to the Tamasha show they have organized in the Cafe.

Nilesh Sable to the show. His wins in the m and m and his bronze in the m freestyle in Athens have made him the male to have won medals in the —— combination.

Saru gets married to a middle aged man named Pradyumna. The serial ends with the entire family naming the baby “Krishna”. But she still moves back to Shri’s home upon knowing the fact. But the director asked him to back after finishing his education. Mahesh Kothare went on to comedy films that became major hits. The episode starts with host, Nilesh Sable singing a beautiful song.

If he doesnt listen, he would kill his dad and Shri, to save his loved ones lives, he makes Shri face extreme humiliation in front of Social Media. Nana Patekar shares his experience playing the character of Dr. After this, other star casts of the film also come to the show, Mahesh Kothare and Suchitra Bandekar.

Ian Thorps’s hand prints at the Sydney Aquatic Centre. The episode begins with host Nilesh Sable singing a wonderful song. At first, he calls the most talented actress cum director, Manva Naik on the set. Sachin Kundalkar at Audio release of ‘Aiyyaa’.

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