I’ve been looking for that since Episode 3. She hangs up on him, and he decides she needs to fix that hanging up habit of hers. I-yeoja was at work and like one of those days, was bored out of her pants. Joo-yeon sighs that she should never have taken pity on the outsider with no friends, while Se-ryung remembers it as being so revered in school that nobody dared to come close. She says that she entered a new world, and then at home, she has this amazingly sweet little swoon with her hands on her cheeks as she thinks about the day. But this romance made even my heart to flutter. More importantly, though, the pace of the show is ridiculous.

They kissed on early EP and he told her who he is at the end of this EP as well. The relationships are exciting, safe with absolutely no obligations ;. I loved the ending, and from the preview she reacted about what I would expect. I’m really enjoying this drama. I know she’s married but the kiss is hot enough to make her husband jealous. Because I looked easy. The whole post-date nervousness and anticipation. I usually hate the way K dramas portray frenemies and female friendships, but I’m liking this one a lot.

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She counts backwards from her age to figure out what year, and does an internet search for the first snow that year, and presto, the door opens. Also like the fact that the female antagonist isn’t a one-sided stereotype of b! Great nesd, Girlfriday, thanks! More importantly, though, the pace of the show is ridiculous.

Drama FeverDrama Fire. Obviously through the preview you can see what Shing Shing’s reaction will be.


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Min-jung finds a note on her door from her next-door neighbor saying that he accepted her dry cleaning delivery along with his when they dramatire it off. At first, I wasn’t sure that I liked the main ship, but their chemistry is beyond great. Sparks were flying at the end of episode 3. Cupcake January 21, at 9: I was going to neec for the episodes to come out so I could marathon them in one go, but there’s no way I can wait that long. I enjoyed it to the point I am frustrated that I don’t have another episode to watch.

It seems she never really experienced all the things the other women were describing You will receive a link to create a new password via email. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The next episode is going to be rromance hoot, they have to live together!

She dies of mortification. What drives me to roll my eyes over many kdramas is the too often portrayal of women in their thirties who’ve never even been kissed once.

How many dramas have I watched where two of the characters are somehow deeply linked but one or both of them don’t find out until the end? All about my obsession with and being seduced by Seoul. I could relate to Shing Shing soooo much! You tell one lie, be prepared to tell a million and one romnce to protect it.

Just as someone mentioned in the previous thread, I love the fact that Se-ryung always tries to be professional in front of Shing Shing, despite dramwfire misunderstandings and conflicts that both characters have towards each other. Plus they have amazing chemistry.


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Eeee, this is going to be so terrible but so great. I can’t wait to see the epieode attraction between man and women in a same roof between wan and joo yeon. I finally got to watch ep 4, and I’m really happy with the story’s progression and how quick the eps go by.

Keep it in small doses, man: I Need Romance 3 Favorite. Next week come soon please!!

I am enjoying this show so much right now. Her mom told her she gave Sweet Potato permission to stay there. Here is a weekly eposode. You stream and share at your own risk.

You can’t stop looking. While the writing is a bit uneven thus far, I like dpisode premise and things should get better as INR3 goes into its stretch run. It turns out Wan is at the market, picking up things that Sing Sing uses and things she needs in the house. After luring her into believing they are dating, he continues to play her so he can carry on to feel oh so superior, she finally, finally catches up to him.

Ahhhh what a great episode!

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