Sometimes, I don’t know why I even bother. Was Hinata just because of her familiarity to Sakura? Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. His nonchalant reaction last chapter wasn’t misplaced as some of us presumed. Logically, its chakra would have elements of natural energy, an unstable force requiring large amounts of stringent training to properly control. I don’t know their schedule on this week sooo Speaking of Hinata, it was irritating to have her face reappear whilst all of the other rookies remain as obfuscated stick figures in the background. Cause hashiramas clones are wood clones and tobiramas are some other sort.

Maybe she will become naruto’s rin: He’s extremely powerful, but primal at the same time. As they grew older Sozin tried to take control of earth kingdom towns but Roku caught on and stopped him. Or maybe it’s just the emblem of the Rinnegan-like eye that the Jubi has. Sozin then spent 12 years before the war began to prepare, in these 12 years aang was born and grew but at age 12, a day before the war started, after finding out he was the avatar, was scared and ran away, he and his bison appa were caught in a storm and frozen within a case of ice for years in order to survive. It was needed for the reader to see what happened last time and it was acceptable to her in this situation, given she is still at a normal power level, her and the restof team 8, 10 and guy, not sure what they could do to help.

As we saw with Juugo and the various other Curse Seal users who dabbled in senjutsu, their personalities undergo a dramatic change with increased physical aggressiveness and an inability epiwode control their emotions. This is the next release. The battle with Obito will have to involve every single person, as much as it can be for anyone to fight, to go in this fight. All in all, an impressive chapter for what it was.

As for hinata, no real situation for her aside from just doing recon, her role this chapter was basically to show the reader what happened in the moment obito bokuu the rinne tensei on himself. It was needed for the reader to see what happened ichibl time and it was acceptable nibbi her in this situation, given she is still at a normal power level, her and the restof team 8, 10 and guy, not sure what they could do to help.


I like him looking like Naruto’s dad, not as some powerful cohort of Naruto’s. There wasn’t much for her to do but any contribution or appearance that Sakura makes is welcomed. Several functions may not work. It was kinda foreshadowed in the anime, in a filler episode. Jounin 1, posts Gender: Sakura could fight alongside tsunade too, I epissode they can fight in the same sense.

Despite a few particular characters’ presence being unwillingly burdened on us it was nice to see Sakura again. Dunno it’s a coicidence or not Fandom will explode for sure.

Or he’s going to act as a third party combatant and carry out his own mission. And bokk that really happen, than I will drop this manga. Community Forum Software by IP.

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That’s because we had an early ichlbi this week. Oh, and despite what the SS proponents may argue, Sasuke’s continuation of Sakura’s sentence was only used in a contextually platonic manner. If you have actually been reading the story this whole time, you would know that this wouldn’t happen because it isn’t set up this way. Like I said, her role this chapter was to act as the initigator for this illustration of what became of the Jubi.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. At least the final battle involving the Juubi is looking promising.

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He’s extremely powerful, but primal at the same time. All this does is reinforce people’s sentiments that her role is of exclusively greater importance than the other rookies’.

On another note, the spiraling eye that appeared resembles the Uzumaki crest somewhat. I have many interests in life and reading manga happens to be one of them. The events of the war happened inversely.


Naruto 638

It starts with ‘ L ‘. Does anyone know what that is? A magatama was revealed to have been laying inside its body that was removed and later enshrined. Back to top 70 Branden Branden The man who’s going to save the world. I know that Juubito is super strongbut i would have like to see at least a fight between them As the journey went on though, Zuko learned that what he once wanted jchibi not what he thought it would be and learned of the relation of Roku and Sozin, discovering himself to be Roku’s great grandson.

This time she appeared again after 2 chapters of absence in this chapterthe first chapter of volume What exactly is this “trump card” that he’s referring to?

You currently have javascript disabled. Either Madara is going to assist the Alliance in defeating the jinchuuriki, with ulterior motives of his own, naturally. Regardless, this exposition could have easily been given without Hinata’s interference. Back to top 68 tricksie tricksie Legendary Ninja.

What would possess you to think something like this? No matter what Tobi is going to be stopped. It was intended to dramatise the upcoming reveal of the Juubi’s jinchuuriki.

Which day now it is? I wish Minato still looked like Minato. A badass appearance of Tobi as the jinchuuriki and Sakura emerges after two chapters of nonexistence. So Madara does have a fail-safe after all. Sakura’s broadened eyes and flabbergasted expression were fixated on the Jubi whilst Sasuke appeared to be glaring exasperatedly towards it.

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