Member feedback about Cheska Garcia: He later tries to win back Catherine by doing anything, but has to accept that she is already in the arms of another man – Raphael. The trailer looks pretty good. Because of what happened, Scarlet decides to forgive Catherine and helps her against Isadora. Waldo was convicted of the crime and was sent to prison. This fictional teleserye follows the lives of two childhood friends, Jacky Montefalco Yen Santos and Lino Bartolome Jericho Rosales , torn apart by a vengeful man and then thrust together by a cruel twist of fate, and betrayal. She tries her best to run away and is saved by Louella from this heartache.

Bayani and Manny Q. He also received the honorable Eastwood City Walk of Fame star in , for his success and accomplishments in the show business. The series is streaming online on YouTube. It’s so melodrama for your mama but I just love these old school type of things. Toby, his youngest son, will not stop until he seeks justice for what happened to Enrique. Vernon’s men failed and Isadora killed him by injecting morphine into his body.

She always has to have her way especially when it comes toCatherine and her loving grandmother Aura Ms. The late head of the Castillejos’ clan and Aura’s father. Synopsis Serena Liza Soberano is a young and beautiful Filipina woman who was adopted by a rich Mlvie father and mother when she was an infant.

Estelle then accepts Raphael to be with Catherine. In the end, whom will she choose: Isadora has a son named Miguel. He gave Catherine and Sofia matching bracelets to give them a clue to find each other. When she found herself stuck in an arranged marriage, she runs away to the Philippines, a country she had been fascinated by since she was little from the stories she heard from her Filipina nanny and the stories that her Penpal friend from lxmang Philippines have been talking about.


Catherine is abducted, leaving them worried and speechless. omvie

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He is now the board member of 1st district of Rizal. The show aired from October 12, to January 22, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sofia was blamed for his death but was later proven not liable. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Member feedback about Magpahanggang Wakas: In the end of the series, Isadora admits to Catherine that Vernon was the mastermind of assassinating him. Cherry Pie Picache topic Cherry Pie Sison Picache born 27 May is an award-winning Filipino actress who has starred television and in mainstream and independent films and has worked as a print and TV commercial model for Palmolive, Camay, and Eskinol.

Catherine’s boyfriend and later husband. He’s better than John Estrada, don’t know if that’s a consolation. Isadora and Vernon’s son and Scarlet’s husband. As a multi-awarded singer, her discography boasts more than 20 studio albums. But Marco didn’t stop and threw a grenade to kill Isadora. Magpahanggang Wakas topic Magpahanggang Wakas Lit: Due to her mother’s death and her father’s disappearance, she is concerned that one day someone will abandon her and she will end up like her parents.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. One of the international hits covered by Sison in the said album is Crazy. Kara, who wants her family to move on, makes a rule that the whole Suarez family is forbidden to mention Alex’s name, to avoid further complications.

As for him acting, i think his acting has gotten better, well he had me bawling when he did a recent MMK episode. Towards the end of the show, Isadora and Catherine confront each other and she admits everything – Vernon was the one who planned to assassinate Enrique; she was the one who killed Rolando; Isadora was the one who shot Estelle and framed up Catherine; and the most hurtful of all, she was the one who killed her Lola Aura.


Member feedback about Basil Valdez: They get married and when Martin died, she inherits his fortune.

Posted June 29, In the end of the series, Isadora admits to Catherine that Vernon was the mastermind of assassinating him. Took care of Catherine from a young age after she was abandoned by Rolando, her father because he blames himself for the death of Catherine’s mother.

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How long iias she suffer the consequences of her decision? Plot On the night of the celebration of Rebecca’s Krystal Mejes co Clxudine was bossed around by her mother forcing her to ask Miguel money whenever she needs it. Rolando left Catherine under the care of Aura after he felt guilty for his wife’s death. Titles are sorted by the decade and year of their release.

Member feedback about Lloyd Samartino: Apple Chiu “Iisa Pa Lamang” — Jestoni Alarcon born January 10, is a Filipino actor and politician.

Iisa pa lamang full official trailer. Catherine and Miguel try to escape and get help from Rafael. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Member feedback about Melissa Ricks: He portrayed one of the lead characters in the miniseries Your Song Presents: Unknown to Emilia, Lily survived the massacre, and lamanv brought unto and adopted by Prianka Aguas, a billionaire businesswoman.

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