Anxiously, Wol-hee asks the proprietor where this came from, who brought it by, needing to track him down right away. Well there are a lot of inconsistencies in this drama, like how did he get his sword back after he rescued Eun Chae? Way too obvious too much of it was done in soundrooms and such, and the action sequences weren’t shot as crisply as they usually are in big bling sageuks. But knowing the extreme pickiness of the director and how tenacious he is to detail and following direction near perfectly, he struggled heartedly-to the point of his hospitalization-to bring the envisioned character to reality. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. There’s no such attempt there.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I must say, I love it. Many times he cried alone, and carried his burdens on his own back, unable to share them with others. His is the only character I really loved, actually. I might continue the drama one day because I did enjoy it- especially the parts with Bong-soon and her adopted father. The ignorant call you a king and you believe them? I sometimes think Lee Jung Ki was born in the wrong country. Episode 6 by Helcat.

Lol my bad, but if it was d second letter, den who did he want to protect? And in that drama, a lot of the really powerful scenes was in the relationship between the “boss” Kimura and the hard working class; the writer carried a fundamental trust with the audience that they would find the details as emotionally moving as it was in the book.

We also have shots of Yong expositing to his men in the lair about the different locations ilkimae dig from. Even Hong Gil Dong, the 2nd half of it played it fairly straight, tracking down the usual downfall of flawed men.

Luckily, it smoothed out a bit as the drama progressed and got a little darker, but overall? All those who made ‘The Return of Iljimae’, I’ll love you forever I think he could have deduced these things a lot earlier, and it would have been much better to see him as a full on ally a few episodes earlier than the finale.


I really enjoyed the way this instrumental perfectly captured the jestful nature of our quirky hero. Iljimae immediately knows this is his son, and approaches slowly. I’ve been toying with the idea of watching Iljimae mostly for Lee Jun Ki: Apologies for the wait! Gyeom was her childhood savior and first love, Yong was the troublemaker playboy that made her laugh but also iljime her a run for her money quite literallyand Iljimae was a hero who helped relieve some of the burdens from which the lower class people, like her, were endijg from.

This Iljimae feels like a real person, someone who wishes there was no need for him to be a hero, because above anything he wants to experience normal, everyday happinesses.

I laughed a lot reading it. Synopsiis long as his hair remains pretty good during the whole thing, I’ll be satisfied. On Jeju island, Eun Chae is enjoying playtime with little kids while her father fumes at not being ikjimae to fish anything. It’s definitely not a show for the lighthearted.

Someone needed to be there to put Yong in his place, and Bong Soon was tailored to that role. I was all set to declare Story of a Man This is actually very synopiss of what Hong Gil Dong did in its final episodeand I remember writing a great long defense of it in that recap.

I totally agree with your lists of 5 good points why one should watch this show, though I would place Jun Ki on the top of my list as my reason for watching this show and for watching it again for the nth time!

His bro, not unkindly, tells him to go for better work elsewhere.

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Wow, you met Sakamoto Maaya?? I really enjoy the information you provided here. Strong moral values of fighting for justice and filial piety are portrayed throughout the series. I have a DVD set with just awful subtitles and your recap made everything so much clearer! Maybe because I am a guy and thus more Lee Jun Ki proof, but I couldn’t get into this drama at all, one day I give it anther go. I was willing to give her a chance. The news is very bad — war has broken out. Shi Hoo comes upon the scene, and takes a moment to rip his clothes minds out of gutter, thank you to write a message with his own blood for Kyum.


[REVIEW] Iljimae: The Phantom Thief

HistoricalActionRomance. Her servant runs up and blames her for not sending any news this past four years. Is “Dahee Fanel” a wink at Escaflowne? It’s just screaming to be made.

Cos I’m strangely attracted to it. To find the endinv and its owner, he disguises himself as the mysterious, black-swathed thief Iljimae, who breaks into the nobles’ estates the members of the secret organization, Cheonwoohoe. Great as those six episodes were, there didn’t seem to be any character or plot development and what about that supposed romance between iljimae and eun-chae?

Whatever you could see and hear, I could too, whether it was the sound of the wind, the sound of the water, the clouds, or even the starlight. One who taught me the meaning of right, and one who only stupidly cherished me, and sacrificed himself. P On a more general enxing The Qing can use the letter to depose the king or make a puppet out of him. God I feel like such a syynopsis

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After looking at a handful of the blog posts on your web site, I honestly appreciate your way of synipsis. Having a soft spot for the escaped former prisoners, she helps those she can and enlists their aid in the work. The prince is disheartened, but Iljimae remains committed. The king is silent on this.

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