Urdu drama lovers are keen to watch what is in store for Mrs. This is great play. Sisyphus was cyclically condemned to roll an immense boulder all his life because Sisyphus chose to blasphemously live on earth. For twenty years i didn’t watch any drama serial. Adnan is a part of a noble family, characterised with high moral values as are found in Tolstoy’s Mr. It is for Bihter, in particular, that the love she falls in is especially forbidden for her.

Like Connie she pursues physical love and is carried away with its trance. Bihter which alienates him from his step mother, while paving the way for reconciliation between Bahlool and Nihal. Isn’t it a disgusting situation to love some one’s newly wed wife, specialy his uncle. Behind the same, we are worst. India fails to answer critical questions in Jadhav case: I have watched this drama serial on TV after twenty years. Trump says India, Pakistan facing a ‘very dangerous situation’.

Bihter, the most interesting character in the drama. This play depicts jshq stories even our conservative society. If the title written in Urdu on the column is correct the words say “ishq-e-mamnoon” which is “grateful love”. That usually happens with long serials, particularly when the story revolves around a few characters. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Some viewers are afraid lest Mrs. Now the tv has started to destroy these. Oedipus Rex was perhaps punished the most excruciatingly for pursuing the illicit. Dear Writer there are lot of Drama serials who are close to reality not only this one and they are produced by pakistani producers Servants and family members listen to the shady conversations of different characters from behind the doors to episodde the truth take twists and turns.


Slowly but surely, an efficient reporting system is taking hold in Pakistan. onlind

Bihter is half her husbands age and naturally gets attracted toward Bahlool, a handsome flirtat and the promised husband of Adnan’s daughter, Nihal. Modernization is gone, so is happiness. In fact I hardly see any sticker in Pakistani Channels in which correct Urdu is written, so sad.

I think the writer has got the title wrong. Dec 18, I think the title alone would attract episoode wannabees in our country to watch this drama. Karenina but she can’t control her unbridled desire for Vronsky. Every nation and country has her own peculiar social wagch cultural norms. Given the scale of the devaluations and the subsidies for exporters, there should be a much faster increase in exports.

I do’nt know anything about this drama, only thing which I noticed was that the Urdu spelling of Mamnooe is wrong.

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If there is avarice for wealth, Bahlool should be shown pursuing it as well. Agamemnon’s wife fell in forbidden love when Agamemnon embarked upon the Trojan War.

Mrs Bihter is young and charming, shown as being part of a marriage of convenience with Adnan. It tells about weaknesses in human beings. Either the title or the writer is wrong. A careful study ishs that the reaction to the pursuit of the forbidden underwent drastic changes, all depending upon social conditions. They want to break away with the long established social values and psychological bindings.

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Do you think we as a nation have arrived at such a maturity level that such sensitive issues needs public attention and portrayal least discussion. Dec 14, The very title of the drama is highly suggestive as the sense of the forbidden has been a source of attraction for mankind since the dawn of time. We will stop ‘our share of water’ from flowing into Pakistan, says Indian minister. Trump says India, Pakistan facing a ‘very dangerous situation’.


Anna loves her husband and she gives immense respect to the large heartedness of Mr. Dec 12, There mamnoo lots of TV Shows, reality shows where pakistani born muslim women wear nighties, mini skirts so please stop talking that foreign dramas are losing Muslim values. We find a badly woven chain of events that require eavesdropping to further the plot whenever a conflict emerges.

I have nothing against the watdh or the storyline. This article was not required: For example, Prometheus was chastised for bringing fire to mankind. Its true iishq atleast the turks are what they look like, we are just opposite of what we try to look like. Most popular Pakistan says it has no concern if India diverts water. It is Mrs Bihter who brings the psychological intricacies attached with the desire to light.

Bahlool is flirtatious but not unpredictable. And so Muslims will progress and regain their glory by further proving their lowly intelligence quotient.

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