She asks him to not move while she removes glass strands from floor and calls Sunny tai. Episode is one of the worst episode ever. Ragini says she has taken back case. Neil asks Ranbir to drop Naani to her room and bring her medicine box to change them. Neil tells Pam that he made many mistakes and does not want to repeat them now. After disconnecting call, she tells Ranbir she can borrow money only from Karan and Dimpy now.

Or they will get caught. Karan says he is proud of his choice and says let us meet the girl now. Ragini says she was afraid. Nivedita asks her not to waste time and asks her to go. Nivedita says you came here for audio clip. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Agam calls Karan to his area and says he is in love with a girl and wants to show her to him.

Really, US would be interested in Neil-Ragini marriage.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar – 27th May 2015 – Episode 110

You guys are bad medical personalities. RR 27th Oct – RK is also listening to the same song over gramaphone. Suhani says it is all bad ideas and hopes Sunny Tai would have suggested good idea. Their conversation and romantic nok jhok continues. Ranbir sees Arav talking to goons. Great Neil ppyaar know the truth but aman turning evil and nevi aman being a part of US team ha ha ha …what do the story writers think we are?

She says that audio clip is the last itja for you. Pam says no and reasons with her. Ranbir comes and says he found an idea to tackle US team. Scanning, blood test any test if patient undergone that report will given to them and have to carry whenever their going to meet doctor but in this serial all are ulta only, simply want to create issue between ragini nishi and jignesh family and need reason to neil come back from america.


10 asks if he jokes always and stays in his illusional happy world. Why did they change the time? Pam calls Suhani and asks if Ragini and Neil left from ina. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. As I have seen at Neil asks her not to have useless talk and come to the point.

Sony channel ask the production house to write ir think of better story. Amy 27th Oct – 9: She says they are together because of her parents. Nani forgets and tells Sunny that she will massage her head. Neil prepares to epixode to Delhi And Nivs warns him that he better be careful or he will go straight to US jailfor cheating and lyingNeil, Nivs have face off.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Neil says they are professionals and will easily identify lies. She says she was mjjhe thru hellshe was muhe and her feelings were hurtshe shouts at himshe wanted him to know Ragini was cheating him. He says wrong number and does not pick it.

Not interested at all. Can any one tell me the revised timing of the show. All Neil wants is Ragini.

Last updated Nov 2, Nivedita says you came here for audio clip. Veena 28th Oct – 4: The agent asks him to take 4 days to return his money.


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar – 27th May – Episode | Flickr

He says pav bhaji is very hot and if she eats it, she will also become hot. In a room, Agam and Suhani ask Ranbir to think of an idea to reunite their parents really.

Asad Ahmed Khan Artist. Nivedita asks if you will raise hand on your wife, if she goes against your sister. Goon says he cannot say and leaves. Good acting but story writers losing track…. After Divorce husband and wife seperate, they can marry another but for childrens they are only always Father episove Mother that relationship cant change. Neil says we shall go to that man and requests him to give some more time.

He asks her to talk about the case. He says he is fixing wifi. Ragini wakes up from sleep and says they have less time.

Karan looks at an obese married woman and asks if he is sure she is girl, love is blind, etc. Nurse comes and says she epsode wrong report of another patient to Nishi and she is not pregnant. Doc informs Nishi and Jignesh that Nishi she is pregnant. Neil says he did not want to change, but will for her.

BC 3rd Jun – 1:

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