The guitar is heavy, because his body is basswood and maple neck, there are lighter. Retrieved from ” https: Our members also liked: T’enclenches the saturation, it sounds. With a standard Fender tremolo Start type was always less than the two dynamic models which it is inspired, but it also has its charm And I heard about people putting in the Cobain set PAF and Super Distortion or I was thinking p90’s which is what I wanted to do but will I have to make changes to the guitar to do this?

Wikipedia has some pretty credible info, but check http: This page was last edited on 29 November , at It already sounds better cause of the humbuckers For its price its a great buy Retrieved from ” https: Anyways, I thought that the ones with alder bodies would be better than the ones with basswood? Well you plug it sounds. In this had become a fret inch neck.

It is based on the design of the classic Fender Jazzmaster and Fender Jaguarbut with several significant differences reflecting the tastes of modern guitarists, including much simplified electronics, humbucking pickups, a standard Stratocaster -style tremolo bridge, and, on Vista Series versions, a short-scale, inch neck 22 frets. Or did you switch em out? Request a new review.

The short-scale Jaguar model was later joined by a Fender Japan factory output, it is not comparable with the following model after Korea. T’enclenches the saturation, it sounds.

User reviews: Squier Vista Jagmaster – Audiofanzine

This makes a great project guitar to customize. Basically, whatever you do it sounds!


The problems I had with the jaguar crappy tremolo design,crappy bridge design, crappy selector switch deisgn, thin sounding single coils are not an issue with the jagmaster. Wikipedia has some pretty credible info, but check http: The vista series used up jaguar necks from mij jaguars, the vista supersonics used rrview necks from lefty jaguars.

They are leaps and bounds above the later versions. Was this review helpful?

The Vista series jagmasters are red and silver I believe. I like Jagmasters a lot.

However, when the Japanese market crashed, Fender closed the Japanese production plants in which the Jagmaster was produced. Help FAQs Go to top.

Revoew have owned a jap ressiue jaguar and 76 mustang which looked sweet but sounded pretty bad. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. But since you said that normal humbuckers wont fit, then what will?

Squier Jagmaster

I have heard that the Vista Series is better than the middle ones I guess not the jagmaster II the ones pre MojoCaster – offering private lessons via Skype. With two doubles against by, hard to make it sound funky slamming, but can be run with the P90 in I get there Log in Become a member. But this guitar is far from being exclusive, so I want a rack mount history of more than P90 to exploit its capabilities I’m frankly tired of the humbucker ‘, from the Gibson still must say tears his mother’s grave.

As I said earlier, it remains flexible and versatile! The handle is very comfortable to play, you feel comfortable at. The original Japanese Jagmasters featured a maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and basswood body.


By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Retrieved from ” https: This product is no longer manufactured. The pickups are closer together, etc. What are my options for this guitar?

It was replaced by a dual-humbucker Jaguar model, which featured all of the same simplifications as the Jagmaster; it was part of Squier’s Vintage Modified series. The Jagmaster in its original form was made for a period of only two years: Not satisfied with those reviews? They use thinner bodies, cheap, weak wood, terrible electronics, routs that are too small to do anything with, and garbage hardware.

I also enjoyed playing the short scale chinese jagmaster. There was a problem saving your vote at this time. If you want to buy one and throw in a better pickup Originally, it was of poor quality 2 doubles, with a type selector stupid Les Paul. Also, how much do those usually sell for? This article does not cite any sources.

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