This book was badly written, slow, confusing and silly? Of course, when she was first told she denied it. I’d say I’ve read these books probably times in my life and I still love them. To view it, click here. But the “action”, if you want to call it that, is paced very oddly, which could be because of the simplistic writing style. Since their romantic relationship is just beginning in this book, I look forward to reading more.

The sun speared its first bright rays of golden orange into the sky and I leapt from the cliff with the sorrowful knowledge that no matter what the outcome, at very Rating 2. She sets out on a journey to learn more about herself and her mother, specifically her mysterious past. I felt everything they were feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also must do a jump for joy that there is no ‘brooding, mysterious new guy at school’ present! The main character really was a bore. And, last but not least, there’s Violet. One of my absolutely least favorite characters I was so unlucky to meet. All in all, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next book, Enticed, to come out September

This book was very very disappointing. It depends on several factors.

But then all the sudden it is forgotten, she is confidently hanging around strange guys and it kind of felt like it was just thrown in. But erwachh way it was carried out and the characters, it screwed up everything. It is not just your typical good vs.

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) by Jessica Shirvington

I had a hard time getting into these books. At the beginning she is a little bit jumpy even around Lincoln her major crush. I couldn’t stomach every character in Embrace. The day Violet turns seventeen, though, strange things start to happen. Love interest one should hsirvington our Edward. Out of the two love interests that Violet had, Lincoln was my favorite. I know if I had read this book six years ago it would have been my favourite, much like how I loved Halo but would despise it now.


Throw in a love triangle between Violet, her companion, Lincoln, and the ever- ready, Phoenix and the stage is set for sexual tension, drama and jealousy. And I was like: She sets out on a journey to learn more about herself and her mother, specifically her mysterious past.

I also need to be proven wrong that Aussies can only write brilliant reality fictions. Do you see my problem with this?

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But her choice is complicated by the two totally different guys in her life, Lincoln and Phoenix. She loves her best friend, Lincoln. I’m not really sure how many stars this is worth, but I’m so freaking glad that Vi ditched that stupid This is a minor complaint, however, in much larger picture. She was was so strong and resilient even when things were completely messed up, and my heart broke for her several times.

It happened when you were born and your mother died. I really liked the different angel spin Shirvington put on this story. I cannot sing it’s praises enough. First I would look at the person to see if what I heard them right The one where you finish it, but just want to read it all over again because it was so, so good erwaxht you were so engrossed in it?

Jessica Shirvington

Shrivington kept it real. They all seem to be letting me down lately. Did i mention she was VERY selfish?

Secrets were revealed jesslca more things were hidden making me want to read Enticed even more. Understands Lincoin and joins him? It’s detailed and complicated and we get to know and understand it just as Violet does as we take this journey to realization with her.

But then he was totally blown out of the water by Phoenix. No fight to the death, no mental battle of wills, just The Worldbuilding That Makes Me Feel RAGE The entire premise of Embrace is that there are exiled angels living amongst humans, who have chosen to fall because they want to experience human sensation original, right?


Die Freundschaft von Violet und ihrer besten Freundin hat mir wirklich gefallen. This is not treated with kid gloves at all.

None of the tension holds–for example, there’s a scene in which one of the main characters is in seeming mortal peril, and the bad guys are standing over him; Violet arrives, and said bad guys agree to leave if she’ll listen to a story. I have never been more infuriated with a book. I know it makes it easier for kids to run around and be whatever they need to be, but I am so tired of the use of this technique to make the story flow.

Honestly, the love triangle was agonizing to go through. But he’s not a love interest, he’s the main character’s egotistical best friend and it’s said in jest. At one point early on, the friend is saying how jealous she is of Violet’s body, and Violet thinks about how she’d rather emphasize her beautiful face instead.

shirvinvton In Embrace, Shirvington has laid the foundation for a terrific series that commences with the 17th birthday of the heroine, Violet Eden and an unusual gift her mother has left for her.

Here are some things I liked and disliked about this book to justify why I gave it 3. Embrace surely promises to be one exciting series. And hey, at least he’s less annoying than Violet.

I felt everything they were feeling and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I picked it up at just the right time when I needed to decompress from the last book I had read. Look out for that, by the way!

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