Manu defeats Karma and asks him if he is scared? Amma ji looks on stunned. Mehri calls out for Ganga. A few days later: For the sake of Laxmibai’s safety, Karma takes on the British soldiers and stops them from chasing the Queen. He promises to make her talk to Sagar soon.

Sudha is taken aback. Manu tells she is going to use the villagers and there anger and form a army to fight the British. She confronts British officials for violently mistreating natives though Vahini had told her that they are helpless British slaves. SS tells Manu, that GR has handed over 16 villages to the British and that they are forcing the villagers to eat and grow afeem. Sagar will tell her himself when he will come back. No one is ready to do it. Manu decides not to marry – Jhansi ki Rani Highlights Clip 02m 00s.

Laxmibai asserts she has always lived with pride and refuses to surrender. And it is he who will be destroyed first before the villagers.

Jhansi ki rani 1 Razia Sultan 6 years ago. Outside, Niru comforts Amma ji. Amma ji will do puja now. Nurse will take care of him. Mehri calls out for Ganga. She makes Sagar eat Chips with her hands. Madhvi notices the closeness between Ganga and Sagar in the next days.

The GR smiles and tells Raghunath that, his way of looking at things has changed and no he wont go and arrest the dacoits. I will manage though. Ganga notices their stare.


Jhansi ki rani episode 160

Amma ji looks on stunned. Sagar went to Dehradun first and then to London. I left everything on God. We will fly it together when I 230 back. If anything happens to Sagar then I will die by jumping in Ganga Maiyya itself.

Manu tells SS thatthese 16 villages are Jhansi’s and will always remain under Jhansi.

Then SS tells how they faught the British in the village to get rid of Afeem and how some of there own ranni betrayed them and they got caught. Gangadhar tells Mr Fraser that a new treaty for Jhansi’s autonomy is needed. Friends, Rani Laxmibai’s son Damodar Rao had to face a lot of trouble Ganga cries hugging Jalebi Prasad. It is only vermilion. I will keep it always as I know nothing will happen to my Sagar till I put it.


Ganga makes Sagar epizode milk. You did the worst thing today! He explains to her the British threats to the peshwaship, urges her to domesticate herself and hands her over to Vahini’s tutelage.

She switches lights immediately. Will Laxmibai manage to win back Jhansi? Pundit ji says this is the only option. She asks him why doc said only God can help now. Laxmibai believes the danger would diminish once she crossed Jhansi’s boundary.

Amma ji happily hugs Niru. Click here to Subscribe to SetIndia Channel: As Tatya’s ‘dakshina’, an elated Peshwa allows Manu to join military practice in the ‘akhaada’. Hassan 5 years ago.


Jhansi Ki Ranith June-Part-2 – video dailymotion

Later, as preparations are on for Indu’s wedding, an enraged Vahini prevents Manu from entering the Bithur palace until she undergoes purification. Meanwhile, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar, the king of Epizode, some of whose jhnsi relatives are his frenemies, is told by his aide that the Britons have crushed the Chirgaon ruler’s revolt. Niru was already concerned for Pulkit. He teases her first.

Leave it all on me. I will send them far away from you. My Aaradhya is only Sagar.

Amma ji is on her way. Raghunath and Tatya Guru fail to recover the treasure. Rao Dulaju tells Laxmibai that Queen Victoria has insulted her.

Jhansi Ki Rani-16th June-Part-2

As Vaishali searches for Kanta in the palace and gets episide, Nana flirtatiously helps her. Ganga asks Sagar to do it. I know you will come back.

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