Pal, you needlessly brought it up, and if the book wasn’t already a dismal experience, I’d say you soured it for me. Lionel Azimuth, and he is sent to Minnesota on a bizarre expedition to find out if there is a Loch Ness-type monster killing teenagers in a lake. He has an M. Aug 07, Genine Franklin-Clark rated it it was amazing. Above all else, Bazell is a man full of surprises. He looks down at his elderly Boston terrier and adds, “Isn’t that right, Sweetiebunch? In fact, once the action starts to heat up, Bazell ends the damn book. The plot is centered around what seems to be an elaborate hoax of a monster hunting unassuming swimmers in White Lake.

So he wanted to write about a doctor who was also the opposite of a doctor. But I am going to spend a little time with it in the bookstore before I buy it. First, I loved ‘Beat the Reaper’. Jun 15, RandomAnthony rated it it was ok. It was a cackle-inducing scene of yuck that remains one of the highlights of my personal highlight reel of contemporary fiction. Apparently Wild Thing is a sequel to Beat the Reaper. Nothing is what it seems in the wild and entertaining sophomore effort by Josh Bazell, ‘Wild Thing’.

Not that he believes in mythical sea creatures. Peter Brown is the heart of this “series,” and this story isn’t even about him! This makes him much less sympathetic as a character. This article about a novelist of the United States born in the s is a stub. More troubling than this post-novel indulgence is what it reveals about the narrator, Pietro Brnwa. Feb 04, Jackie rated it liked it Shelves: I really enjoy the writing from “Brown’s” point of view and some of the various characters he gets involved with.

But Bazell made it seem effortless, and damned entertaining,too. So, those are my five reasons why I love Josh Baxell. Views Read Edit View history. Save the political crap for a blog.

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Bazell does like to stand on his soapbox a lot and we get his views on religion via a conversation between the palaeontologist and the rich hick, followed by an appearance by Sarah Palin yes THE Sarah Palin and further ridiculing of religion, particularly Christianity. It’s amazing how quickly someone- Bazell- can go from hero to zero 3. Brown, it’s pathetic, there is no flow, there is no v Bazell’s first book, Beat the Reaper was a fast-paced maddening thriller with awesome character’s that are spontaneous, raw, ruthless and completely unruly when forced into action.


Bazell, on the other hand, is not, even if he is keenly interested in visual and audio recording devices behind the counter at a spy shop in Bay Ridge. Lists with This Book. I loved Beat the Reaperand naturally I thought this sequel would be more of the same – dark, violent, hilarious.

Even if it means that an army of murderers, mobsters, and international drug dealers-not to mention the occasional lake monster-are about to have a serious Pietro Brnwa problem. But I can’t remember anything about the book. Its’ plot was so preposterous, so over the top, if you told it to someone no one would believe a writer could pull it off. Did you know that more people visit Loch Ness each year than the entire population of Scotland?

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. But its depressing world view drags the book down and the footnotes, initially a fun touch, become a trial to read, as they keep pulling you out of the book. In AugustJosh Bazell, then 12 years of age, and his family were left adrift at sea in a foot 4. Mar 04, Jake rated it really liked it.

Wild Thing

What sets Brnwa apart from his don’t-fuck-with-me macho counterparts in other action thrillers is that Brnwa doesn’t take himself seriously. I’d need to read a half dozen crappy books in a row by this author before I’d give up on him.

Bazell and his family were eventually rescued by a Bazfll oil tanker that happened to be passing by, but the image of lurking sea creatures stuck with the aspiring writer. Nov 30, Kemper rated it liked it Shelves: It veers Wild Thing is a perfect example of an author’s first book being too successful. There aren’t many scenes that stick out for their interest though I felt Bazell’s depiction of Palin to be amusing enough to remember and realise that this is sadly the highlight of this book.


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Lots in this book worth more than entertainment as well – do make sure to read or listen to “Dr. The small baaell of Ford, Minn. Hardcoverpages. Also, an academic article written by the punk paleontologist and an extensive references reading list.

And there is a shout-out to my little Northern Minnesota city: You know who’s a wild thing? It’s about a monster in a lake.

Bazell is brazen in his transformation of Brown from doctor to debunker with the surface perception of the novel leaning towards commodity over strong continuity yet confirming to both in a round about way.

The author is undeniably clever just ask him and well read you don’t have to ghing, he’ll tell youbut he forgot that pesky plot thing when he was putting this book together. And things just get stranger from there. When we last saw Peter Brown, he was against the wall.

Still, Wid thought of Josh Bazell as more of a guilty pleas Book review: He’s more of a reluctant hero than an anti-hero. Retrieved from ” https: With a cast comprising monsters, crazy tour guides, local drug manufacturers, love interests, mysterious benefactors, and the occasional mobster, ‘Wild Thing’ is far more diverse and light-hearted than ‘Beat the Reaper’.

I love the use of footnotes, and the book’s appendix alone is worth the ride! Sure, movoe threatened with death at some point in the story, but for most of it he’s a detached investigator; and 2 in his first novel, Bazell stayed strictly within the First Person narrative of Brnwa, whereas in this book he cheats, having Brnwa narrate scenes in which he was not present, breaking the flow to distracting effect. Bazell’s protagonist in Peter Brown aka Pietro Brnwa aka Lionel Azimuth finds himself in a vastly different situation as he continues to evade the mobsters who want him dead following the events of ‘Beat the Reaper’.

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