The judges selected one crew from each group italicized to be safe from elimination and move on to the next week. A total of twelve dance crews were selected from the four cities and then categorized into four regions: In the end, Kaba Modern was sent home. At the beginning of the show, the crews teamed up to perform a routine to a hip hop remix of Annie’s ” It’s the Hard Knock Life “. Every crew had to dance on the same set, which was set up as a street in an urban neighborhood. As of , their current status:. Teams must first place in their home country’s preliminary and finals before making it to the world preliminaries and ultimately the world final.

West Palm Beach, Florida. Lil Mama also said they got into character. Afterwards, the judges picked the bottom two crews to compete in a sudden death dance-off to guest performer Flo Rida ‘s song ” Low “. The set for this competition did not feature any specific theme, but focused on “just dancing. The saved crew was JabaWockeeZ. A competition held for dancers outside Kaba Modern to compete for a chance to perform with the team.

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mosern The 6 members, those who performed in ABDC are still in contact, however they are no longer considered a full group. New York, New York. A competition held for dancers outside Kaba Modern to compete for a chance to perform with the team.

Broadway-style dancers performed for the crews and taught them the dances.

Kaba Modern

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Video Game”, was never taped. C concluded that the girls’ abcc thrust was hot and mentioned how impressive the crew’s attention to detail was, singling out an intricate hand isolation by Tony Tran.

Archived from the original on From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mike Song stated that at 10 pm, the night before the show, the song was changed, forcing the crew to change parts of their choreography. The Kaba Modern family is divided into three sub-teams. Each crew performed to a popular dance, also known as a “dance craze”, and were required to add their own style to it as a crew.


The final three crews had to perform to these songs using classic hip-hop moves such as PoppingLocking and Breakdancing. The crews were also to dance to Pop and new jack swing. The challenge was to include a lift into the routine. A performance dedicated to debuting the new team for the upcoming year, especially the incoming newbie class. Kaba Modern was tyriller in the bottom 2 in week 6. Kaba Modern randomly selected Michael Jackson ‘s Thriller. This section does not cite any sources.

A third extended version, which they performed at the Northwestern University KASA show, included the full Gunshots routine, a slightly extended clip of the G-Slide routine, the Technologic routine and the Thriller routine. No cleanup reason has been specified. Each crew was given a different music video containing a dance sequence, which they had to perform while maintaining their thdiller style.

Though the judges felt the lift challenge was met, they expressed that the team’s execution was lacking, with Shane, in particular, expecting to see more lifts than one. Please help improve this section if you can.

A different version of the encore was performed at the Asian Excellence Awards with clips of their Gunshots, Technologic and Thriller song routines. Orange County Register Communications. The group has competed and placed in regional, national and international dance competitions including:. Kaba Modern became frequent finalists during years to Following the live casting special on January 26,the initial pool of dance crews was narrowed down to nine.

They then had to perform to the song and demonstrate how much they knew about Michael Jackson’s moves in their performance. The judges gave the group high marks.

Shane Sparks commented last week how the girls smashed the guys, and mentioned this week how the guys smashed the girls from Kaba Modern this week. Each group also had to reinterpret the classic Broadway moves into the hip-hop routine.

Since then, Kaba Modern has entered multinational competitions and gained recognition in the media. They incorporated much on their hands, and included Tutting into the routine, which judge Shane Sparks “waited to abec. A powerful comment came from Shane Sparks stating that ” It was like y’all took elements from every group, made y’all own crew, and did it better than everyone else!


The last challenge was for the crews to illustrate the evolution of hip-hop using the same thriller.

The eliminated crews returned and performed with the finalists for a regional collaboration. He liked it “Kaba’s Way. In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s ” Thriller ” album, each crew was assigned a Michael Jackson song from the album “Thriller” and was given a DVD compilation of some of the Michael Jackson’s dancing. Lil’ Mama commented on their isolations, which set themselves apart from the other groups.

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Archived copy as title Articles with hCards Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing cleanup from December All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from December Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from December At the beginning of the show, the crews teamed up to perform a routine to a hip hop remix of Annie’s ” It’s the Hard Knock Life “.

The saved crew was JabaWockeeZ. For instance, few Kaba Modern members helped choreograph the “dance battle” scene in The Debut in while three members were shown onscreen during the Making of Featurette of moxern DVD. Kaba Modern’s guys were made to be nerds, while the girls were to portray popular girls.

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