He is someone that lives off the country. Young was working for Ki Chul from the beginning. Give this woman more to do than throw fire-apples and walk around looking slutty. Chungjeong cries that this is a trap, and Ki Chul confirms it plainly, saying that he concocted it so that he could take Choi Young for his own, and the doctor who would come as a package deal. Why does he want to kill him? Gongmin bristles to be likened to Ki Chul, and moreover is offended that Young would dare criticize him. Thank goodness for Lacy Choi, the wisest and only together member of the inside court. Take it too lightly and he could take your life, except I think the fight went out of him last night.

She had seen him kill people, but the guys that he killed so far had always been the bad guys. As soon as he sees her, he goes back inside. I also love how Noguk doesn’t fight with the king anymore, she just listens, finishes his sentences and complies. While still in the room, Seok-ho has an announcement to make. He responds by joining her on their ground. Hence the book basking in the light and the cathedral organ music playing.

He lives to protect and follow orders. Of course, that is dramaland for me. Can I do that? If only they were in the defense together, instead of both trying to handle it alone and mucking it up. I liked her attitude adjustment.


Young looks at Eun-soo but she turns away, tears falling from his eyes. Assassins wait for Young outside and they attack.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 7 | Scattered Joonni

I recape not saying LMH is a bad actor. Episodes by odilettante. And she can tell Big Bad where folks are in the jungle etc. These people break my heart!

Soooo much to talk about, and dissect and swoon over Btw, with regards to your question Joonni about the significance of the lake never being frozen. Gongmin accepts the challenge, telling him to go ahead and bring those supporters.

I hope that the drama takes some time soon to fill us in a bit more about this whole time-traveling eepisode. Also, I think it’s sad that this drama has so much potential but the director is not letting it show. Not a bad or good thing, just a statement.

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What, do you have secret night vision too? Total Blog Hits 5, visits. The strength of this story lies in the minute details of the political maneuvering and the larger conflict between Gongmin-Young episodr Ki Chul but the directing is reaching very far to try to create a romantic tone and sleek action. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: P police shield, you shall be missed, I must start look for another item to base a drinking game on.

Meskipun awalnya mereka lahir di tahun yang sama, tapi dua anak yang telah berteman sejak kecil ini akhirnya terpisah selama kadorsma tahun. I wonder if that had shoot any episode.


Recap: “Faith” Episode 9

After CH, I think he would be great in that role. He responds by joining her on their ground.

His hand flexes angrily with ki. Here she sees Grandma, scrubbing away at a desk. I know you have it in you. He orders Yang-gak to tell the Yuan ambassadors to sit quietly and wait as he still has something he wants to watch unfold.

Anyway, good episode, thank you for the recap. I mean c’mon, everything about that character spells out as untrustworthy to the point of disgusting! Before Eum-ja can use his eum-gong, Young attacks, forcing Eum-ja to pull out his sword from his flute again. She knows her nephew’s heart and lets hope her talk with Eun Soo is ffaith enough to do some good.

After seeing him smile for some teeny wee bits of airtime, the next thing I saw was him crying, looking desperate, and crushed till the end of this episode. It seems like the main characters are always misunderstanding each other. Gongmin moves the screen to clearly look at her face.

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