In the entire history of the world there has been no comparable revolution. The average yield of milk per cow per annum is about lbs. The idea was that, after a period of development, some of these extension blocks could be converted into the more intensively worked community development blocks. According to these, the Indian Union comprises 14′ States and six Territories. Sardar Patel, the chief architect of political integration in India, warned the Princes against the consequences of their refusal to co-operate. The origin of the Rajputs is not very certain. The empjhasis on the development of social services will be continued. A new script, namely, Kharoshthi, certain new political concepts and some other features of Indian culture are attributed to the Persian occupation.

Of the 18, candidates who contested the elections, 1, were for the House of the People. Of these, 2, were single- member constituencies, constituencies elected two members each and two constituencies elected three members each. On the attainment of independence, the Army was called upon to serve in numerous emergencies that the country was faced with. The rain decreases with distance inland. The primitive, darker, elements, which are found everywhere and derive their blood from other strains, especially the Paleo-Mediterra- nean, constitute the lower stratum of the population. Up to the end of June , 41, miles of low-grade and 6, miles of macadamized roads lhad been constructed and 31, miles of existing roads improved. Subordinate Courts Except for small local variations, the structure and functions of the subordinate courts are more or less uni- form throughout the country. Forests The forests of India constitute an important source of national wealth.

The civilization was native to the soil and covered a considerable area.

It also sets out certain Directive Principles which seek to regulate State policy with a view to secur- ing a social order in which social, economic and political justice will pervade the institutions of national life. The judicial wing of a pan- chayat deals with small cases.

In Madhya Pradesh other than Berar tenants get occupancy rights in habitually let lands lands let out kallasanathan three years in a period of five years and in the Ajmer area tenants have generally been given security. The ulti- mate success of the programme, therefore, depends largely cm the co-operation of the people, in other words on the contribution in cash or voluntary labour which they can make to bear a portion of the cost of development.


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They will dreamout their future life together. Consequently, except in the case of a few big States like Mysore, the people had for a long time been denied the kailsanathan of large-scale economic organiza- tion and their standards of life were lower than in the rest of India. There are two well-defined crop seasons, kharif and Tobi.

It is planned to develop fishing on a more intensive scale during the next few years.

The increase in per capita income over the same period has, however, been less significant, i. Great dust-storms rage in the north-western plains.

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Advent op European Nations The Portuguese were first among the European nations to trade directly with India and found settlements on the coasts. These are Bombay 12 to 48 acresU. Achievements The first Plan completed its course on March 31, The per capita consumption of electricity increased from 14 units in to 25 in The Indus people domesticated animals such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, ele- phants, camels and perhaps dogs.

The Brahmaputra river, 1, miles long, originates in the western Tibetan plateau of the Himalayas and flows through Assam, watering its fertile rice flelds. Foreign Exchange Resources Tile second Plan, with its large investment outlay and stress on the development of basic industries, is likely to episoce a kailasanaghan in the balance of payments over the five- year period of about Rs 11, million.

This culmin- ated in the formation of a separate State of Andhra in As a court of record, it has all the powers of such a court, including kailasanzthan to punish for contempt of court.

The first stage was the eepisode of the princely States into viable economic and administrative units.

Fundamental Rights The Constitution includes a very elaborate declaration of human rights. Fazl Ali as Chairman, kailasanathqn Mr. Forests The forests of India constitute an important source of national wealth.

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The national and per capita incomes since at constant prices without taking into account episoce in the price level and at current prices after taking into account changes in prices are given below: In formulating the first Five Year Plan, the Planning Commision laid down two objectives in relation to its land reform programme — reform of the kailasantahan structure and an efficient agrarian economy. In the States of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh, regional committees of the legislatures have been constituted with the object of catering for the special needs of the regions concerned within the frame- work of a tmified State structure.


The Bihar Legislative Assembly alone has 32 women members. The succeeding invasions were all plundering redds which had sometimes to be bought off.

The power-house at the base of the dam will have an initial installed capacity ofkW. Kailasanathsn financial relationship as well as the allocation of taxation powers between the Centre and Jammu and Kashmir State are also the same as those existing between kailasanatahn Union Govern- ment and other States. After the successful completion of this mission in Korea, India was, within a few months, called upon tO’ head the Internationa] Com- mission for Supervision and Control for Viet-Nam, Laos and Cambodia set up under the cease-fire agreement con- cluded at Geneva on July 20, The second general elections, held in earlyfollowed the same pattern.

South of the river Tapi, the western ghats rise to well over 3, ft.

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The reforms introduced after the War did not fulfil these expectations, and the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi organized the non-violent non-cooperation and kailasanatham disobedience movements.

The mass immunization campaign under the rinderpest eradication scheme has been so phased as episodd cover the entire country by the end of the second Plan. The cost of the elections has been estimated at Rs. The Rajputs From the second half of the 8th century A. The song was first sung at a political meeting on December 27,the second day of the Congress session, and struck the audience as distinctive and dignified.

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