Kabir’s mother comes to meet him and apologize. Mystery deepens when Mukti sees Abhimanyu alive but soon learns from Abhimanyu’s father the grave truth that’ll haunt her for a long time. Thirumurugan For More Updates Like us on. Huaze Lei has a talent of reading one’s cards through their expressions, his sweet smile results in the defeat of his opponent, He is a student pursuing the Arts of Music. Manik once again reminds Kabir to talk about his secret to him but he evades it again. He strives to protect Shancai at all costs and is willing to go to extreme ends to keep her safe. Kabir suggests Navya to put her child for adoption.

Trilok over hears their conversation. Navya returns to S. Roshni 23rd July Written Episode Update. Shahid interrupts as Dhruv is about to confess his feelings to Nandini at the party. Amma Maa implores Nandini to pursue her own dream rather than her father’s. Nandini unites two fighting lovers. At Dhruv’s place, Nandini notices the star which is also drawn on her brother’s bedroom wall.

Guyz its d weekend… The episode waz nyc. Harshad criticises Nyonika’s sympathy for Nandini and tells her to stop pretending.

The Talent Hunt announcement is made at the college and the FAB5 are unhappy that they are not together. Nandini suggests the two bands to perform together as they had no time left to practise and very less instruments. Peace eludes Kabir with his new flatmate around. Mukti waits for Abhimanyu but he is in the hospital.

Alya goes to Aryaman’s house to help him. This manages to impress Raghav. Later, he tells him that he is going out of town. Nandini refuses to follow his order.


Mukti is with Abhimanyu at the hospital but he doesn’t want her to be with him as he wants her to enjoy Holi. Kabir and Manik talk about the performance. There are numerous fairies in Pari lok peisode each From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A reunion to celebrate Nandini’s return at S. RJ Kabir is in high spirits and energy on his first day at job but when the news about Abhimanyu’s terminal condition sinks in, everyone is left in a sombre state. Navya struggles with her crisis as Kabir is forced out of home by his mother.

She’s the resident computer genius at Super Hero High and can solve problems faster yaariwan a Harshad stops Mukti from contacting Dhruv at the uaariaan. Manik plans again to bring Dhruv back to FAB5. Alya decides to use Dhruv to get Manik back from Nandini. Nandini’s chances at the concert hangs in limbo.

Yaariyan season 208

ZEE5 Now available in countries. Manik talks to Nandini’s parents. Manik spends quality time with Nandini and his friends unaware of the fact that a deadly plot is being hatched against him that could put his life in danger.

Later, everyone gathers around the pool. Mukti asks Manik about Nandini and him.

After angering Dao Mingsi, she receives the sacred ‘Joker’ card from F4 who challenges her to a match of Contract bridge. Nandini makes a deal with Aryaman for proving Manik innocent. Nandini helps Manik remove the glass piece from his back. Manik tells Nandini that he has made peace with Dhruv’s behavior. E provided Nandini’s expulsion is revoked. In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.


Navya has a crush on Harshad. Nandini feels attracted to Dhruv but he doesn’t reciprocate. Nandini is surprized to find a changed Dhruv and not the friend she knew earlier. Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing.

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Nutz 27th Jul – Panditji bribes the goons to beat Manik. Nandini and Manik get locked in the store room.

Harshad then says that how did Aryaman get in their talks and he says that he doesnot have his number and even does not have his number. Nandini reaches Manik’s house too out of jealousy.

Episode 208

Nandini and Manik are locked in the store room. Friction escalates between the FAB5 and Harshad. Nandini and Manik are locked inside the store room till the night. She also begins to epiaode the good in the boys, which paves the way for friendship and an eventual romance.

This makes Nandini decide to join S. Kabir’s mother comes to meet him at the college. Nandini and Mukti plan for some time together during their rehearsals. Aryaman apologizes to Manik for his mistake. Trilok uses the rift between Dhruv and Manik to drop Manik from the fusion concert.

Meanwhile, Alya’s manager makes her work along with Dhruv.

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