Where the point is to interact with each other! Though i have yet to see Excite so the one i remember is from Spirits, or was it from Heat Up. P i will have downtime this summer so i might make a post like this teehee since yours inspired me. Where Artists and Writers can come together to add color to the written word. I really did want to participate especially with 47 and 8UPPERS but I’ve been bogged down with other stuff and didn’t have time to rewatch and cap the cons: Also, I was happy that Tsubusa ni Koi is your favorite ballad single. D And as much as i would LOVE for you to highlight 8est, i know that’s a journey all on its own, so only highlight it if you really think we need to know what’s going on.

You met a male Eighter!? Thank you very much. Yeah, I actually escaped it totally unharmed, but experiencing it while I was at work not even 15m away from the water was really frightening. And of course, the caps of all the great moments. There is something melancholic about that song, the lyrics and the violin. When I was in Japan I wanted to get a few, and my friend showed me that there are books too, not only manga.

Just got my 8est but i would need a whole day for that so i might just try rewatching these if nostalgia gets the best of me. Secondly, thank you for your review. I will when I am free. Also, I was happy that Tsubusa ni Koi is your favorite ballad single. My favorite is 8upper,maybe because it’s the first dvd concert that i watch.


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☆ The Kanjani’s Eden ☆

I quite agree with most of your choices. I want to be the one who was hugged 8uppesr kissed by ryo XDDD. Every link I found was no longer available: Reply Parent Thread Link.

Lord, i miss em. We didn’t even realize what it was until we saw it mogie the news. If I could watch it in the theater, that would be great. I have dreams and I still want to believe anything can happen in this world.

Oh, I’m glad that my reviews helped. I’ve seen my packages in the past get shipped all usb America before landing at my doorstep. Played “spot the Kansai junior”. I really want to watch the 2, especially Excite because it’s the only concert with Uchi in it.

Find out what their answers would be.

8Uppers movie eng subs – Spare Time

I looked under the tag movie but there weren’t any I could find: Their live at 8sai is my most favorite though. The categories were cute and quarky, and i agreed with just about everything you have up there. Log in No account? I went back and watched ExE this past weekend because of your sweet post. First of all sorry for my poor English. I don’t even know if I’m doing this right but I’m wondering if anyone has a download link of Kanjani8’s Juusai. I’m just glad to be able to do a small part to contribute to keeping links alive in the 8pupers.


Please check out their pimp posts here! D But because of one community have sub 8upper, I download it and watch it and love it. Lastly, I really enjoyed your reviews.

I loved the way you expressed that. I was like “Omg Aww, I’m really happy that you kept up with me! Reply Parent Thread Link.

The kind that makes you love to sing along to. Thanks again for all this concert awesomeness! Browse the Latest Snapshot. I actually liked their rainbow costume…: Log in No account? Since I am not a Japanese, your reviews always helped me understand K8.

Where Artists and Writers can come together to add color to the written word. They are asked to point out three good things about the other members. Though the fact is cigarettes are bad for his health, smoking makes him looks cool and freaking HOT ever!

She will sub Kanjani8’s chornicle and upload it there. Please tag your entries.

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