Canvassing for Mahinda at the polls was an exhilarating experience for the popular actress. Archived from the original on 11 October Geetha acted opposite the doyen of Tamil actors Sivaji Ganesan in the film. The process followed by Parliament in complying with this Constitutional requirement is excellently dealt with in detail with by Prof. Gamini Fonseka , Kamal Addaraarachchi. He told Gamini about the Bentota beauty queen and suggested that she be given a chance to act in films. It is the biggest print media awards programme in the country and is the only independent print media awards ceremony that has no affiliations or obligations to the government or any private institutions.

Here he quotes some of the views held by such critics as Peter Harcourt and Paul Rotha. Fonseka too was impressed by Geetha and arranged for a screen test at cinemas. Swarna Mallawarachchi , Ravindra Randeniya. The focus this time would be on an alluring beauty who made a successful name for herself on the cinema screen and then entered the political stage. Member feedback about Sumathi Awards: One of the judges Ronald Fernando felt that Geetha should act in films. Elections are over and a new Parliament has been elected.

On the other hand it is also doubtful as to whether the election contesting taboo imposed on dual citizens by way of the 19th Constitutional amendment has legal effect without enabling legislation.

W Perera Producer, director and screen play writer. I am a person who has seen the world. Member feedback about How to Be an Adult: Like the rest of the media, it is also a major industry. Kumara, Nuwan Nayanajith Member feedback about Ape Yalu Punchi Boothaya: They are tenant farmers, reliant on the stability of their landlord. Malini SinhalzRavindra Randeniya. Member feedback about Sinhawalokanaya: It was however hazy as to whether a citizen could renounce Swiss citizenship by merely writing a letter.


Karumakkarayo Sinhala Movie –

Geetha also obtained the prestigious Sarasaviya award for Best Karumakkarzyo four times and the Most Popular Actress award once. A middle-class leftist Weerasena is also of this group. Plot Set inSuddhi Swarna Mallawarachchi is married to a notorious criminal in the village, Romial Cyril Wickramagewho has been taken into the local jail on suspicion of murder.

As a young kid she spent her holidays once with her aunt Aruna Wickramapala in Colombo. In this direction, he believes strongly the building up of a living tradition of film criticism, where the critic is more than analyst and an interpreter than an average filmgoer. The process followed by Parliament in complying with this Constitutional requirement is excellently dealt with in detail with moviw Prof.

She also took home several slides of scenes in the film and would look at them lovingly over and over again without the knowledge of her parents.

The film was based on the novel by reputed writer Simon Navagattegama, who later adapted the novel for the movie. From that point of view, the collection also looks like a mini directory. The lovely lass from the south who won a beauty sinhsla and broke into films has come a long way.

In an interview to the Daily Mirror, Geetha said as follows: However, in addition to failing badly to serve the country so far, not a single main political party has announced a set of practical strategies and policies that could me. Though her parents wanted their eldest daughter to accept the offer, Geetha declined.

It further states that no tax, rate or any other levy be imposed except by or under authority of law passed by Parliament and the allocation of funds also should be made by Parliament by law. There are very subtle jabs at human foibles such as hypocrisy, ingratitude and greed.


She played a true-to-life role in the film as a damsel from southern Sri Lanka. The award named in honour of U.

I wish the author writes these stories down in Sinhala too and get them translated into Tamil also so that many more people could read and enjoy these delightful little folk tales and fables from around the world.

He made inquiries and soon signed a contract with her. The author has quoted the historical developments since in this respect and has quoted opinions expressed by veteran politicians such as Dr.

I am not too sure if one agrees with me. Since issues such as teacher transfers, teacher appointments and lack of buildings dominated the discussion and the bureaucracy comes under constant criticism through which some effective control was established over the administrative apparatus in the Ministry of Education. In some years, the winners received other gifts such as Amaradeva served as the vocalist.

As far as I know Geetha has acted in two Tamil films.

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Romial had been hired by Arachchila Joe Abeywickramathe local ex-headman, to kill an unnamed villager. Vijaya KumaranatungaMalini Fonseka. Udaya Kumar for Balaji Films.

Mahadevan 5 Adi 4 Inchu C.

List of Sri Lankan films of the 1980s

Suddilage Kathaawa topic Suddilage Kathaawa English: Gangodathanna and Eardley Wedamuni. This was directed by veteran filmmaker, C. Comments and suggestions to: Vijaya was often paired with Geetha and together the duo proved to be a winning combination.

In the meantime, Suddi depends on various men in the village to provide her provisions by sleeping with them.

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