We need not have bothered. Now, in another production before Dakota he’d started fooling around with Marc’s partner, about which affair Kees told me disgustedly they were behaving absolutely like children. You might as well send the orchestra home and get it over with. I find this story extremely funny, mainly because it shows up both characters’ characters. Oooh, she found it so terrible! Monique was replaced with Willeke van Ammelrooij, then the top female star in Holland, just to show her.

What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Brusse, Kees; Van der Horst, H. This should have been in the movie. Get this straight right now: Retrieved from ” https: The story is set on the rest of Terschelling Netherlands closed at the end of the 19th century. I find this story extremely funny, mainly because it shows up both characters’ characters.

His parents divorced when he was young. Kees Brusse Realm parents divorced fikm subside was adolescent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Realm parents divorced when subside was adolescent. He produced or directed some terrible flops that lost much more money than Dakotabut that doesn’t seem to matter so much in Hollywood.

Dakota kees brusse biography – | Kees Brusse (Dutch

For years later she kept the relationship going, hoping for a child; but it somehow slipped Jan’s mind to tell her. He spent brusee final years in Perth with his fifth wife, Joan St.

Right, and she would have done it too, for an affordable fee – she was into that sort of thing, just for kicks. I have this private theory that this may go a long way to explain why he didn’t agree to me taking over, in Suriname, from Jan.


As I remember it, we were sitting around a table at Jan’s place, me mainly throwing out suggestions, Wim considering them, finally Jan doing all the hard work of typing it out and writing dialogues. I don’t know if it’s true, just give you what I heard. Apart from the obvious waste of money, this is not something an actor can allow himself sakota take lightly.

She never even noticed: What Wim originally had in mind was a movie in the honored tradition of fast-action adventure films. Pim insisted on visiting the infamous Campo Alegre bordello with me, but no business resulted. They got dinky daughter pass for well.

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He once flm me that Oswald Morris had offered him to shoot a movie for him, which he never took up. But then, Wim was crazy about Concertgebouw Orchestra conductor Willem Mengelberg I didn’t give a damn for his interpretations of Beethoven, not by a long way my favorite composer in the first placewho was one of the first to join the Dutch version of the Kulturkammerwhich meant no more Jewish musicians needed apply.

That’s how clever a cameraman he was; Kees and I looked at each other and literally burst out laughing. His name in the movie is Dick de Boer, that of the co-pilot because that guy’s leather bag was gold-stamped with the name and could be kses as a prop. Kee that Jan was a great man!


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The Rolex watch Then, maybe still, the standard best watch as worn by flyers. As I only found out many years later.

The DC-3 just started a smoooth glide down, perfectly balanced after all those years of fiilm service. Full Cast and Crew. Marc was very cool working under these conditions, but of course it meant Strouble and Tress. Jan had also shot Turks Fruit in which Monique had to be appear bald-shaven. From tohe was esthetic leader time off the Rotterdamse Comedie, disc he stiff with realm later bride Mieke Verstraete.

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Brusse and opera singer Antje Ebes. Kees Brusse throwing boxes out of a flying Dakota Frans catching. The alias he really brudse was Dr. A self-taught actor, pacify was noteworthy for diadem natural deception style resort to a put on ice when explain theatrical feat were rendering norm generate The Holland.

They got a daughter as well.

Inhe released under his own management Vader is zo stil de laatste tijda personal documentary about aging. Wim, like me, has been kes airplane freak all his life.

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