I await the recaps because I have neither the time or energy to bother with watching the drama except maybe to stare the very very VERY pretty guys. I don’t think it sucks or anything because I’m not good at analyzing dramas English-speaking movies? I also feel exactlly like you, Natasha. Im very much astound and overwhelmed by the event of the story. I’m a silent observer but I just could not let this one time pass. I will give you that one. Maybe it has a lot to do with the three leads, but I am obsessed with MR x MK relationship together and absolutely love their personalities on their own.

The writers are forcing that one on us. I found this on twitter the person who posted this had wrote in korean i google it and all i got was dream high something lol. But it was loveless. The dish is rich in vitamins C and A, some B vitamins, calcium, and iron. And just for the sake of sharing… Dick Waving Contest An activity that usually involves two people who dispute their superiority to the other. November 25, at 6: I really likes MR, she is very straight and forward person, she is honest about her feeling towards everybody. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Big thanks for your speedy update. But I breaker my header.

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He chaser me away. I replayed that so many times, so cute!!! Anyway hwaiting Jung In!!. This causes both to recognize their own thoughts about this situation. When she hate it then she will tell it so, and when she like it she will tell it either. Jo December 28, at 1: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. She throws her drink against the wall kimchiframa stalks off. But we all know he did it because he was jealous and wanted to put Jung In in his place.


And hope you to come here in philippines,i am your 1 fan. I really looooooooove his voice. I always love school drama. I’ve completed disliked him when Mary chased after him crying in the wedding dress in ep 13?

When she was scolding him over the phone for being sick, if I ever apl for Jung-In, I really felt bad for him then watching her get genuinely worried and nagging Mu-Gyul like a wifey would. Then I spun into looking up his other projects and discovered his music.


If magy man Mary liked only ever amounted to this, then I guess I still have a shot. U deserve lot more dramas n movies. Simply Anie December 13, at 9: November 22, at 3: When her father’s business fails, Hye Mi is forced to give up on vocal training and pursue an education at the Kirin to become a pop singer, which she previously thought was crude and shallow.

I know he will go back to Japan. Kimchi is eaten with almost every meal in Korea.

Hope to see the two of them together in the future with better projects. Plus I love when they are together, except this ep. I used to like lee min ho too! She yells at him for always using his fists first, and he yells back at her for bringing Jung In to his place. Omg I’m the same way. Jks u ar 1 in a million.

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Does Mary cry in every episode? Much love from a fan here in the Philippines. Her backbone astounds me. Mae Ri rushes to break them apart and defuse the situation. And that Mae-ri is his real daughter? I can believe that the one one for MG is MR, because I can see how much they complement and need each other. Mary need needs a mother that hug, kiss and sleep with her.


At the mountain retreat, Jung-in leads the group in a toast to their success.

I loved that he was playing with his fingers and occasionally slamming back against the sofa while confessing. Jang Geun Suk was always a great actor.

I love you inject those little subjective insights. I’m excited for this drama! So in that sense, I guess I have The episode on the beach completely melted my heart. He explains that back when he was studying abroad, his guitar was his only friend.

This drama seems to be turning into a major flop. I think M3 is a drama worth discussing, not because the story is so great or deep, but because the characters feel so real now to us that we care about their story. He is unique and he has diff taste of fashion unlike other kdrama actors.

Thank you Jang Geun Suk for showing me that you do indeed know how to kiss a female costar.

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