With this, everyone begins to talk about Sawako in a more positive way. The three girls then go out and enjoy the rest of the day. In the meantime, the school gathers to watch a ‘fight’ in the girls’ bathroom. I watched this for the seiyuu and shounen-ai I did like it at the time but unsure if I will be able to re-watch it now. Not too bad an anime about Vampires. Judge End Funny anime. As they walked off, Ryu catches Chizuru offguard by telling her he likes her.

I don’t dislike it but don’t love it either. Post Meta concerns in the monthly meta threads. I was a little disappointed in this. With this, everyone begins to talk about Sawako in a more positive way. All images, icons, wallpapers, pictures are strictly copyrights of their owners. After Sawako hears the rumors she avoids Kazehaya, Yano and Yoshida.

Clips from currently airing shows cannot be posted within 24 hours after the Episode Discussion thread is posted. Boku No Hero Academia Season 2.

Kimi Ni Todoke S01 E12

Also reverse harem anime! The picture below doesn’t seem to be that appealing but watching the anime ova the art seems ok. From what people say I’m guessing it should be somewhere on my to watch list. A reverse Harem anime. She remembers Sawako ultimately giving her the courage to confess her feelings to Kazehaya, and her subsequent rejection.

This episode is a recap of episodes 1 through 15 narrated by the tiny men Pin sees. Primo Passo Season 1. Thoroughly disappointed with this anime!!! Sawako tells Kazehaya about how she studies by imagining that she is teaching the material to a person who doesn’t understand. Ayane notes that Kazehaya is the type of person who does not like others interfering with his affairs.

But i prefer this one a bit more: At this moment Yano and Yoshida kiki up the stairway and overhear the conversation. Ryu initially refuses but concedes, saying he would only listen to his problems. His older brother then reveals that he is engaged, Ayane and Sawako look on animewaffled Chizuru hides her feelings and congratulate the couple.


But their powers are soo koool! The second season was still really good to watch! Kazehaya and Ryu talk during gym class, and Kazehaya expresses worry over how he had troubled Sawako over what he had said about being the closest to her.


The Sealed Card Movie 2. A warning that season one is quite a bit better than season two though but the ending is not too bad. She may be good at manipulating people, but so far it seems like all her plans just make it more likely that Sawako and Kazehaya will get together. The ending was random just like the whole of the anime but good. In the meantime, Sawako starts noticing how Kurumi and Kazehaya appear to be close, and wishes to also become cute like Kurumi.

Later, Ayane finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumours. She runs after Ryu, bumps him in the back and tells him she already knew that. If you think your post is stuck in the spam filter, send the mods a message with a link to the comment page of your submission.

She really animewafvles to, but thinks of her parents. Tokyo Babylon Prequel Rated Mature.

Everyone gets fired up to win, animewaffled Pin and Chizuru Yoshida. However, he tells her that he would prefer to tell the person themselves about his feelings for them, instead of involving a third party.

Chizuru takes what he said the wrong way and tells him that he doesn’t understand her, thinking “he doesn’t even know that Sawako likes tooke Lightly NSFW things are okay.


Kento asks Kurumi what she did after she learned about what happened between Kazehaya and Sawako, and Ayane and Chizuru start questioning her.

Gakuen Alice and Yumeiro Patissiere. It was a really slow start, had to watch a full season or two before I really started liking it. Kurumi, you’re about to sink your own ship here and you’re blinded by your obsession. Ryu finds Kazehaya outside as soon as he is done with baseball animeewaffles, and asks Kazehaya how his confession went. Of course he could just be coming over to happily give his blessing to them, but I tdoke Kurumi’s grand scheme is about to unravel entirely.

I actually found it ok to watch.

Khiki-Khuki: Anime

Kazehaya asks what Kento is doing, and why Sawako is crying. Reverse Harem so it’s okay Kurumi and Kazehaya conveniently pass by as this is happening. Lollipop So so childish and repetitive but I found it hard to stop watching so I like this! Submit a new link.

Pin also pulls Sawako aside to ask her if she told Kazehaya about her secret feelings. But it was not too bad. They continue home, tkdoke internally realizing their love for each other, but neither acting on it. The next day at school, Kazehaya asks for her help, prompting the rest of the class to come over.

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