If you are cautious, bring bottled water but remember that you won’t have any opportunity to warm it. As you can only imagine the atmosphere differ from the previous one when we came to Chelyabinsk. On board the Trans-Siberian Railway for a centenary ride Vladivostok railway station, far eastern Russia. Im not saying that our previous interaction with soldiers was disrespectful but there was something different about them. Here the bogies are changed, to fit the Chinese gauge; yet another interesting thing about the trains between Russia and China. The Trans-Manchurian is also known as Vostok east and like the former it goes to Beijing. As the city sees few visitors, especially Westerners are seen as a curiosity. Also, if you plan to buy tickets on more than one occasion, it may be useful to keep handy a piece of paper with the travellers names written in the Cyrillic alphabet instead of transcribing them each time.

Russia rushing by … the view from the train. It follows the Trans-Siberian tracks for a little longer about two thirds of its length after which it turns south and continues into China without going through Mongolia. The opposite way of sleeping feet toward the window will not be frowned upon, but it is never used by locals. The slightly faster leaves Vladivostok at Never leave the train without your ticket and passport. It’s a tonal language and someone unfamiliar with Chinese reading Latin transcriptions that don’t show tones is unlikely to be understood by locals.

Omsk was for a brief period after the revolution the capital of White Russia. You can take a maximum of 2 litres of alcohol either beer or vodka or any combination of those per person into Russia or you will have to pay a penalty read: Despite the opening of the countries for tourism, photography is still not allowed everywhere.

Every foreign tourist has to get registration for stays in one place of more than 7 working days 9 days if weekend is included. Things are rarely stolen, but reasonable caution should be used. And you will need to do this to get your Russian visa if your itinerary involves multiple entry into Russia. The whole km railway was completed inwith electrification completed in If you’re going to Beijing and the routes in this guide aren’t enough off the beaten path, travel south from Astana across the country to Almaty from where there are trains to Urumqi in northwestern China from where you can continue to Beijing.


According to the time we had minutes before the train should have left, but there was no train and absolutely no people. Russian police are also very sensitive to people taking pictures of railways, stations, and trains. Police in Russia can be your good friend or a bad enemy depending on the situation.

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These fares given in EUR are based upon an exchange rate of 1: Six days after you’ve started, or a few hours longer if you’ve taken the slower train, you arrive in Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean.

The river bridge is depicted on the RUB5, banknote. Consider it the antidote to Amtrak—to say nothing of the ever-shrinking seat 32E. The time and route below are for the faster trains and It is also possible to go hiking in the mountains near the city. However, Mongolian visas can easily be obtained from the Mongolian consulate in Irkutsk Russiaand Chinese visas in Ulaanbaatar For the moment it is not recommended to apply for Chinese visas in Mongolia, due to tightened regulations.

Station numbers are used internally in the Russian railway computer system, but they are usually printed on the tickets as well. Visa cards are the ones most frequently accepted in ATMs.

The best way to obtain a visa is through your own embassy or consulate or in Hong Kong. But not until did Russia have a fully-paved, all-weather highway coast to coast.

Buying tickets at the official Russian Railways website is quite difficult but a bit cheaper than at the stations because there will be no processing fee.

However, if you are approached by the police and asked to delete some photos, just do it and forget or restore your photos later. Many world currencies can be exchanged at transsyberyjskx rates in any city. Zhangjiakou is a city northwest of Beijing. Russia’s third largest city is not the most interesting stop on the track. Now a spate of new, newly redone and classic trains harks back to the day when rail travel was an elegant affair.


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In total there are bridges. It has good, detailed information covering the entire route. In Moscow and Beijing they are widely accepted. Sights include historic areas of the city, a zoo and Lenin square with the nearby geographical centre of the Soviet Union. Likely the most dangerous city in the night time is Ulanbataar. There’s no change for trains in Mongolia, China and the “Stans”, which have long used their national time zone.

Fares are widely variable. You transsiberizn not required to pay the tip when you are not satisfied with the service. It is not “first-come first-serve” basis that would fill up the train in a random manner.

Alcohol is an important part of Russian culture and thus it’s not unusual to have some vodka at your compartment picnic.

If your trip ends in Beijingthis is a great opportunity to explore other parts of China or even other parts of Asia. Most places will not accept any currency other than rubles, though. Paper towels are not common, but you always get a tiny towel with your bedding.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Drinks and alcohol are about times more expensive than in the stores. The Trans-Siberian Vilm Russian: Departure and arrival times given in the timetables or on the tickets are always Moscow time except stations outside Russia.

They are responsible for cleaning, the samovars and checking the tickets.

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