While Yuri is at a baseball game, his mother, Miko, reminiscences about the past. Track your favorite shows. She tells the others that in her old home, Hube, who was in the dungeon, was the only one who would talk or listen to her. They find out that this lake and land were barren before the arrival of the box. Yuri promises to find the lost sword. Stoffel tries to persuade Yuri to join his side, but Yuri rejects. Yuri and Wolfram attends a banquet disguised as girls.

Anissina tests it out on Hube and Nikola and it turns out to simply reveal lovers compatibility and later mentioned that if the Devil’s Mirror is inserted into it, then it will reveal the future. But who is this masked man? Yuri and Sara returns to the latter’s castle where Yuri meets Sara’s trusted subordinate, Gerard. Then, Shinou said that Shinmakoku was the country he made and that he has a responsibility of watching over it. In order to qualify for the tournament he must win the preliminary race from East Nilson to Lambeil. Conrad sneaks away on his own and is on his way to Small Shimaron.

Murata goes in after them, not wanting to be left alone. They find that the gem of the dragon king, that was part of a crown, was stolen. The third season and OVA have never been licensed for English release. They then continue on to Bob’s office, ignoring his warnings.

Meanwhile, Conrad fights Berius, Sara’s bodyguard as they fight to get to Yuri’s side, Sara wants to use Yuri’s powers for himself. Yuri returns to earth. Shori now has full control over his powers and the rest of the group heads over to temple to save Yuri but are shocked to find Murata saying Yuri now belonged to Shinou and now are forced to fight him.

Yuri is shocked to find himself all grown up after falling asleep and finds himself experiencing a normal life. Sara had also made the decision to help Alazon when Yuri apologizes for being helpless. Yuri, compassionate as always, decides to give the girl the benefit of the doubt and assures everyone that there must have been a good reason behind it.

A true maiden offered affection and respect. Wolfram cries and Yuri bids him farewell.

Yuri orders him to stop and drop the sword but Sara, in his fit of anger, vanishes along with sword with Berias grabbing him at the last minute. Angered by their actions, he kyi goes berserk and unleashes a mud monster on the soldiers. The culture in Shin Makoku is very different from the Japanese culture Yuri is accustomed to, and the difference leads for some amusing mishaps with long ranging consequences, such as an accidental proposal of marriage.


Murata told Yuri that they can not travel again to the other world because Shinou had disappeared. They get away from the cell, but while being chased they are saved by Conrad and Wolfram.

It seems Murata may be someone of importance. Fortunately, Saralegi turns up and releases them from the trap. Adalbert decides to fight Conrad now and unleash all of his pent up sadness and fury over Julia’s death. After being cornered in Sara’s room, he pushes Yuri out of the window to avoid being captured. While Yuri was working at the mine, he sees some soldiers attempting to bury a beaten and bruised, but still alive baby.

Kyou Kara Maou

November 19, by maouheika Conrad instructs Yuri kada Greta to go to the church but as soon as he locks the door these weird guys with guns show up!

He asks Shori to persuade Conrad and the others episoxe return to their own episodde. Jeneus goes on a rampage and destroys everything in his path. Maxine still has not given up hope of returning to his country and becoming wealthy and powerful. Ulrike reveals that the final forbidden box is on Earth. It is later discovered in an IOU letter that Celi was the one who took the gem of the dragon king, wearing it as part of a necklace episodw order to woo men.

Yuri forgives Shori for his misdeed and consoles him by telling his admiration for him to use maryoku and recover so quickly. It seems that not only can the Goala run very fast, it’s also carnivorous. When Yuri arrives in the king’s throne room he learns that King Belar is being controlled also.

Yuuri is finally able to return home. When Yuri stumbles upon the “Demon Mirror” he’s transported back to the time when Lady Celi ruled with the help of Stoffel. Yuri quickly makes friends with one, just in time for some trespassing humans to attack looking to kill and sell a dragon. Choose from 21, shows. Who is this enemy that has knowledge from the time of the Original King and where is the final missing forbidden box? Will Yuri be able to overcome these strange new foes karaa can anyone help him?


Greta and him cheer him up and she calls him Uncle. Having used up too much power, Yuri loses consciousness.

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They withdraw and Yuri is told by Conrad that Wolfram’s heart has stopped beating. Yuri and Wolfram attends a banquet disguised as girls. When they enter a church they met Nicola, a bride, who then runs away from her own wedding ceremony with Yuri eisode Gwendal both still chained together. During the investigation, shadowy figures infiltrate the castle. Murata, Jozak and Conrad infiltrate the castle and manage to find a box full of swords.

Shori decided to stick around, maybe he might know something about their real goal. After Yuri went to Small Shimaron, the heads of the ten noble families summons him to a meeting around the round table to know his motives.

However, he got over his anger when Yuri introduced his family in mara castle and showed him how much he loves his country.

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So Yuuri left with the others while Nicola, El, the maids, and Greta stayed at mxoh castle. Yet, if it’s not the right key, then the box will become out of control. Sara follows it and finds Jeneus. Just as Yuri and Murata are about to head for The Great Demon Kingdom, Karaa surprises them as he jumps in with them and ends up pulling them further away than they planned.

Yuri’s action led to his own abduction by Stoffel’s men. Alford learns what it truly means to be a Hero. It is there where Yuri meets Saralegi for the first time.

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