I would have been completely lost when the laser showed up at my store. Power Wizard More information. Frequently, fiber laser marking systems not only mark, but offer laser engraving and laser machining capabilities, including thin material cutting, scribing and material removal. The state-of-the-art, fully integrated laser source provides excellent beam quality while producing many years of reliable performance. Add Upload document Create flashcards. Abstract The technology for connecting lead and magnet wires for electric motors and electro mechanical devices More information. When this is the case, the energy required parameter selections:

Electrical Discharge Machining Training Objectives After watching the video and reviewing this printed material, the viewer will gain knowledge and understanding of electrical discharge machining, or EDM, principles and capabilities. LaserStar has years of experience in welding, marking and cutting a wide range of materials, including: Abstract You ve no doubt purchased a digital camera sometime over the past few. Existing LaserStar owners can upgrade their machine with the latest hardware requirements for a nominal fee. Aicure UJ series Application Guide. Flexible Platforms All models are available in a removable welding chamber design configured for the widest range of applications. Below are just a few of the standard laser marking software features available with Prolase 7:

There are two major processes for X-ray production which are quite different and which lead to different More information.

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Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, and cubic. Superior integrated VRD – What is it and what does it do?

Soft-Touch Technology is an optional feature. Ideal for non-contact welding processes which join two similar or certain dissimilar metals together.

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The laser beam is created by the laser source resonatorconducted by mirrors. Spare Tube for LC When tipping the Cable Processor Module back, after removing the toggle arm pinuse extreme caution not to drop More information.


Next, select a recommended pulse profi le for the same application and lasertar the energy used parameter selections. Simulations of surface formation by femtosecond laser under.

When this is the case, the energy required parameter selections: They are merely an aid memoir of the various innovations available. Custom Focus Head dimensions available upon request. LaserStar Workstations are ideal for a wide range of complex alloys and applications including: A compact, portable design, coupled with LaserStar s well-known reputation for high quality, efficient laser sources, make the Series an excellent value.

The laser is set in the heat sink with thermally. Nevertheless, thermal lensing still exists due to the nature and design of Nd: LaserStar offers multiple power levels 80 Watt – Watt to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

Liquid Cooling Systems About Laird Laird designs and manufactures customized, performance critical products for advanced electronics and wireless systems. An internal crosshair allows the operator to easily align and weld the parts at seies correct location.

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The iweld is ideal for a wide range of metal joining and repair applications. The inverters are attractive not only More information. Capabilities Brochure n g Fractional Resurfacing System The Advantage RE is the versatile fractional seriies that enables you to precisely target and effectively treat the skin s surface, middle and deep.

Designed specifically for aligning and positioning. Our profexsional support help desk is available to assist with spare parts orders, review recommended preventative maintenance procedures and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

To review specific technical matters when using any of LaserStar s laser machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our goal is to enhance the quality, performance and innovation of our products, programs and services on a continuing basis. In the interest of technological progress, we reserve the right to make technical changes without notice. The various types More information.


Thermal lensing is common in high-power laser systems. Not all configurations are displayed. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional bonded joint. Below are just a few of the standard software features available: My training was awesome! Choose from four Models: Custom microscope configurations are available upon request.

Integration Ready Operators professionla parts in their hands while viewing the application through a stereo-microscope in the welding zone. Laser beam welding LBW.

Successful Designs LaserStar products deliver exceptional value while earning the respect and loyalty of their customers. Add Upload document Create flashcards. Material test chamber with mechanical convection FP series Material test chambers Material test chamber with mechanical convection A BINDER material test chamber with mechanical convection of the FP series provides reliably short drying times and More information.

The duality of software and hardware. Below are just a few of the standard laser marking software features available with Prolase 7: Fatigue test data can be provided upon request. Without welders, we would live in a world without skyscrapers, More information. Kemppi Mastertig MLS and Custom configurations are available upon request. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint.

LaserStar offers a wide range of fiber diameters and focus heads to satisfy complex industrial applications.

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