In this small area, you simply have to run over each set of four buttons in relatively quick succession. It’s just inside and to your right in plain sight with the red force fields. Hop on and ride to the top. At the top of the sandcrawler, use a TD on the nine caps to the left. While the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ is an invaluable tool, it’s not perfect. At the last vaporator area, once you drain the water, smash the left-hand vaporator and all the flowers it makes to make a ledge up to the Double Score Zone where this one is.

Brandon June 13, at It may take you to the contents section. Force the boxes on the right into a stack, then jump from here to the rock in front of you it may take a few tries. Challenge In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. Return of the Jedi Year 1: You can play with a TV in there and build a yellow device to the right. Hop between the holes to get the Canister. In the second area of the Sandcrawler with the eight buttons use Sith Force on the wall to the left.

It’s near the tree with the bulls eye on it. Thermal Detonate the glass and grab the kit just behind the panels. Freeplay Mode – Episode V. Hover across, then push the cart off the rock. Notify me of new comments via email. Float across the hole as R2, and then blow up the junk with a detonator. Smash away the rocks to get up to the Tusken Raiders, then attack. From here we’ll be looping back around again and beginning the Challenge playthrough which will see us finding and unlocking all of the games blue Mini-Kits.

There are two buttons that need to be held down, but one’s pretty big.


If you head the noise, a kit is near. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blue Mini Kit Guide for Wii by Neutropia – GameFAQs

This is the Tusken Village. Climb up it to move on. Go to the rocks with the canister and put together the grapple point.

The Landspeeder doesn’t do much apart from gliding around, but it does that job well. When you reach the second area after opening a door with a Protocol Droid such as C-3PO youll see an orange structure blocking the path.

It’s right at the start near the Control Ship. Assemble the box in front of you, and either blast or deflect the Tuskens on the ledge. As you have a Jedi in minikigs party, you shouldn’t have too much problem here. This makes life infinitely easier with this challenge.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough – Page 5

Alan Wakes American Nightmare Guide. You can use this in four places to free a canister, several blue studs, and R2-D2, your objective. Episode IV, Chapter 2: Use Force to make the small platform and reveal the R2 point. Hop up on the ledge and head to the back of this area and hop up to the kit. I can’t say for an absolute certainty that it applies for all other systems, however.

Use an Imperial character to access the room. On the right, there is a Canister hiding behind a box. Build and use the Protocol Droid panel inside the Sandcrawler and go into the secret room. Go inside and put together and use another charge on the next rock wall so you can double jump up the ledges to the canister. Hop up on the rock ledges to the left and you’ll see bricks attached to the wall. Put together a landspeeder and take it up to the big mud bog up north. I decided to do this guide for two reasons.


Pop the door off the left tent and run around inside.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Blue Mini Kit Guide

Through the Jundland Wastes. You’ll see this one as you run to the rappel point. Activate the panel, then cross to the bpue area.

Use a Force character to assemble the disco components speakers etc and then you and your AI companion will need to light up the dance floor. Go forward, build the grapple point, stack the boxes on top of each other, and Force lebo platform down. It’s near the Banthas, you just have to head down the screen. This page of the walkthrough will take you through each of the games 6 movie levels and each of those levels chapters, in chronological order.

This will cut down deaths and also help squeeze out some extra second per character switch.

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Don’t have an account? At the last vaporator area, once you drain the water, smash the left-hand vaporator and all the flowers it makes to make a ledge up to the Double Score Zone where this one is. Hit the button and go up the stairs to find the ninth. This will give you: You should see it as the game shows you flying in. The Empire Strikes Back.

Drop that off the back end of the ledge, then Force it into a bridge to the next vaporator. Minikit will be yours. Use the Force to remove it, and then jump up on the platform this will make.

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