The analysis came up with some new freakish evidence, and Jason and Grant present all of it to Betsy Burnett-Belanger, the current owner. I do agree with Betsy that Zeke died falling down the stairs just many years past his 16 th birthday. People claim they always see him throughout the house with his pet at is side. Season 6 Episode I was astonished TAPS used a psychic although that aspect of her qualifications was not emphasized during the episode. Please contact the site administrator. The guys speculated that such a playful ghost might have been a child. Well faith or psychic impressions.

Mother Nature kicked in dramatic effects with a lightning storm. Ripley’s Believe It or Not 11 Photos. Speculation was he may have worked himself to death. William bought out his father-in-law Jacob in , securing the Lemp house for his growing family and converting part of it into an auxiliary office for the brewery. The ghost of a chatty female servant told me a few reasons. Nobody in the family or among the servants claimed they had any idea why she killed herself. Next Episode Queen Mary. They attributed commonly reported feelings of unease to the high EMF readings.

Courtesy of Missouri History Museum. The Lemp brewery still stands in St. He was stuck inside the wine cellar for two hours before being discovered. Paranoia, depression, and his germ phobia became too much for him. Since then, we have added music, comics and television to our line up.


Then again, it is an attic. The Alley of Darkness 11 Photos. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

People claim they always see him throughout the house with his pet at is side. Lemp Mansion 29 Sep Based on what I saw of him during this episode that seemed a reasonable guess.

Well faith or psychic impressions.

Phelps Dodge Hospital 11 Photos. So TAPS wrote him off. Guests have frequently complained of a foul odor. The TAPS team is about to find out! Westerfeld House 20 Photos. William “Billy” Lemp Jr. Pizza My Heart 20 Photos. Speculation was he may have worked himself to death.

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) [VO] – S06E16 – Lemp Mansion

Human germs are human germs, all cleaning products work equally well in dealing with bacteria unless there is a super bug like MRSA in play. A restaurant employee reported having been locked in the wine cellar adjoining the bar.

Close Search Search Type to Search. Could the Lemp family have inherited weak hearts along with crushing depression? Edit Details Release Date: One of the most interesting tales of haunts is that of the Lemp family and the Lemp Mansion. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: When I asked him why he chose to cooperate with Jason and Grant he replied it amused him to do so as he found his existence boring. However, the building has always been interesting to me. Chairs have moved around, seemingly by themselves, and one time a chair refused to move when someone tried to pull it out.


Ghost Hunters (TAPS) [VO] РS06E16 РLemp Mansion РVid̩o dailymotion

I had an image of her in the wine cellar with a bottle under one arm, holding another bottle in her hand. I saw him as a heavy-set older dog with white hairs among his black coat. Jason and Grant sensibly went searching for the source of the stench.

There are so many reports of activity that the team has had to install several cameras and cover many rooms. The shadow Kris saw was the ghost of the husband of the servant couple Charles engaged in his later years living in Lemp Mansion. Search for ” Lemp Mansion ” on Amazon.

Sometimes miserable ghosts will cross over if loved ones come to assist or are waiting for them on the other side.

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