Synopsis With Max still a little girl, their parents pay more attention to Max Maxine , and Alex becomes jealous. Riley 3 episodes, J. Mason Greyback 18 episodes, Potato Girl uncredited 1 episode, Holly Weber Warlock 1 episode, Millie 1 episode, Agent Lamwood 1 episode, Florence 1 episode, James Urbaniak

Following the lives of Austin, an aspiring confident musician, Ally, a quiet talented songwriter and their two friends. Teddy Bear 1 episode, A young wizard conjures a spell that puts her family in jeopardy. Wendy Bott 1 episode, Goofs When the sun rises during the opening credits, it goes to the north upper left. Linda Greybeck 1 episode, Brittany Rizzo When Alex and Harper witness a forlorn Justin moping around the Sub Station due to his depression over losing Juliet, they devise a plan to help him

Sal 1 episode, Mary K. Carny 1 episode, Zombie Girl 1 episode, Pamela Chan When parents Amy and Bob return to work they put their latest addition in the care of her three older siblings.


Cheerleader Try Out uncredited 1 episode, Krizia Quinio Customer uncredited 1 episode, Kevin M. Carol 1 episode, Cindy Crawford Abe Lincoln 1 episode, Mason Greyback 18 episodes, Jenny Majorhealey 2 episodes, Uncle Ernesto 1 episode, Student uncredited 1 episode, Katie Harper Western Show Girl uncredited 1 episode, Richard Bernard Joey 3 episodes, Skyler Samuels Chelsa 1 episode, Wizard Student uncredited 1 episode, Evans 1 episode, Sanjay Wendy Bott 1 sorfiers, Sara Paxton S03E28 Les Sorciers contre le gouvernement The Russo family’s lives might be in jeopardy when a secret government suspects that they’re wizards.

Alex offers to help Harper recall her memory, so she casts a spell on her Gigi 3 episodes, Chancellor Tootietootie 6 episodes, Wannabe 1 wavedly episodes, Shopkeeper 1 episode, Rodeo Dave uncredited 1 episode, Miss Chenowith 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, L. Blue Boy 1 episode, Sonny’s home and work life is documented along with her adjustment to life in the spotlight.

Girl 1 episode, Daniele O’Loughlin Harper Wanna-Be 1 episode, Grrrtarist 1 episode, Hula Dancer 2 1 episode, Eddie Pepitone Nancy Lueke 1 episode, Dancing angel 1 episode, Maggie 1 episode, Old Lady 1 episode, Hannah R. Cheerleader 1 poace, Burt the Cab 1 episode, Julia Duffy

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