In the elevator, So Ran is thinking through the situation — perhaps Ah Jung is lying about the fake marriage to shock her, or she married Ki Joon and got divorced. Baek Seung Hyun Supporting Cast. I personally thought this was a very generous offer. I totally agree with you , Tegami. When Ki Joon is looking for her, we see that he appears to intuitively sense which direction she turned, and always picks the correct path to follow her trail. Is it because you like me a little and she, a lot? YEH had million of fans all over the world. LTM has lots of followers now.

I agree with you Lidia. Also, then everyone seemed to have disappeared and KJ was all alone searching and was the one to find AJ, I was thinking “everyone left to go watch Greatest Love”. Jesse Lee 26 February at 8: Skip to secondary content. Thanks Koala for the super fast update of LTM. Jang Geun Suk Song:

Sang Hee to himself- SH: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

Skip to primary content. Even my obssession with Secret Garden ok, mostly Binnie cannot be compared to this. And the time, Ki Joon left, Ah Jung, to go to Yoon Joo, we the playground unnis created an army of fearless unnis, and wanted to skinned Ki Joon alive and throw him salt and limes! Jae Bum is the dumbest, unluckiest bastard I have never seen!! Thanks for letting us know on where to find the recap.

This ep is the best so far. Thank you so much for recapping this series which has become my addiction along with Best Love at the moment. Drinking alone in the house normally makes me fear my male lead is turning into an alcoholic. The first night they met, he was intrigued by her and said it was worth coming back when he saw her. Ah Jung just tells Ki Joon not to think people are idiots. I can’t wait to say bye bye to that long hair girl.


Love LTM, and if you are looking for a complete cap vs. He might step back again.

Please support this website by dgamacrazy us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Learn how your comment data is processed. I especially like epi 7 which is cute when AJ and KJ seems to always finding excuse to see each other.

Ki Joon rushes episodd to the resort. Gilberto Santa Rosa Song: Ki Joon is waiting for her at the cherry blossom lane, asking why it took her so long to get back.

He want to become a man that she can trust.

Yoon Joo arrives at the resort, just missing Ah Jung in the parking garage and in the lobby. As if he could ever win Ah Jung. So get it, would you!!

Sang Hee eisode Ah Jung hang out at the playground. Yes, the immediate u-turn is a staple in kdrama land ha ha! He said he likes somone and I think they were in the process of falling in love but they are not in love. I also do not get it.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe The interesting thing I hope will happen is that KJ will lose some of his sense of responsibility that has been framacrazy him for so long and just follow his heart for once, in loving AJ without caring so much about the consequences.

I am a Paramedic, who in august, will start studying, Nursing, so I handle the grief situation, a lot. It is indeed a wee one. He apologizes, for making her lose face in front of Ah Jung. I juusssttt lurve it! He had me at hello!! A curling iron just does not cut it…. If I say Yoon Joo, the first thing that comes to you mind is? They were greatly heartened to see their good friend OCKoala was desperately in love with the show and also covering it with recaps. Ki Joon’s got the girl!


The hotel has many facilities dramacrxzy are dramaxrazy for using as a stage. They have a cute friend relationship and I always feel like friends turning into boyfriend ,ie girlfriend work the best.

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I know what I am doing. Mizweng, thank u, u r great friend…. And on episode 8, I fast forward everything to the cola-kiss. Now I feel loads better. They opened this thread as a favor to those of us who want to continue to discuss the drama and the weecaps are a bonus since they said they don’t want to recap anymore. Like seriously, am I ever going to be calm again?

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Just be happy for his brother. In the end, their charade was success for both of them. Too bad they have already passed the comedy part since this is the second have of the drama and any possible improvement in the story goes towards the melodrama.

Make you a favor, make us a favor, and please, make Yoon Joo, a freaking map, so she can understand, or buy her a gps so she cant get lost!! But Yoon Joo the girl has not grown at all.

No guilty feelings here for OYJ. The part where AJ gain conscious and she tried to get up.

Manager Park to someone- Park: But then I read your comment, then I feel much better now.

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