In doing so, Harry discovers that he does have the ability to stay within the edges but that sometimes it is fun to make a mess too. Patsy and Harry set up a hospital to take care of the sick dinos, but when Patsy also falls ill and Taury’s cure recipe fails, Harry takes all the dinos back to his room for some of Mom’s chicken soup. He becomes so repulsively filthy that even the dinosaurs don’t want to play with him and he is even crowned King of the Swamp. Nana warns him to keep and eye out for caterpillars that may be “crunching her cabbages”. Harry is nervous about giving a speech about dinosaurs to his classmates, so he goes to Dino-World to practice, in the hope of gaining confidence. It was later adapted into a Canadian – British episode animated television series of the same name, which premiered on Teletoon in Canada on March 28, [1] and ended in Harry quickly discovers some novel ways to enjoy his new hair style and the Dinos soon want to join in the fun too. But Sam needs the video camera for a school project, so Harry will have to wait

Remembering Mom’s advice that the best inventions always help in some way, Harry learns that sometimes less is more! A trip to Dino World is called for to find the solution to Harry’s predicament, and he’s motivated even further when he realises that he needs to be stronger to help Nancy Nanosaurus lift Clown Mountain to retrieve something that has rolled underneath. There’s just the small matter of reversing the effects of the invisibility hat before he’s stuck that way for good! En route, Harry re-discovers some of the toys he used to play with and finding the missing blocks for the new baby also proves to be a bit of a trip down memory lane! When Harry’s heroic intentions are challenged by the cunning Scorch, Harry proves to be the most true and noble knight of all! It’s not long before the Dinos are putting Harry through his paces in the Dino World gym and he’s ready to try his luck on the Dino-Meter Strength Tester. While Harry plays on the beach, making sandcastles with his new bucket, he comes across a shell that would make the perfect castle decoration. As a solution, Harry and the dinos create a make-believe circus in Harry’s garden for Charley.

Harry and the Dinos are having a whale of a time on the Dino World roller coaster — but it’s time to go littlelizzardgaming. After much searching, Harry remembers that they had been playing hide and seek before visiting the theme park – it turns out that Steggy was at home looking for them all along.

A trip to Dino World is called for — a place where you can choose the weather!

Harry isn’t having much luck trying to hide from the Dinos when they play hide and seek, as they always manage to find him! When Harry and his dino gang go to taste the strawberries in Dino World, they find that a greedy creature has been eating all the strawberries.


Instead of the regular Tooth Fairy the gang manage to discover a Dinotoothfairysaurus, a tooth fairy especially for Dinosaurs! Patsy and Harry set up dinosaues hospital to take care of the sick dinos, but when Patsy also falls ill and Taury’s cure recipe fails, Harry takes all the dinos back to his room for some of Mom’s chicken soup.

Captain Harry and his Dino pirate crew set sail for Treasure Island in search of buried treasure. Dino-mirror world is a back to front world! Harry is having great fun mixing up his toy safari animals and inventing new creatures when Mom asks him to tidy up in time for lunch. Charley goes home annoyed, so Nana gives Harry a book on King Arthur and his Knights so that he can learn about good manners.

Fortunately, Zazzabop finally manages to find something new that he can call his own and he even has time to give Harry a quick seqson in his spaceship before heading home.

At his school’s ‘Show and Tell’, Harry’s dinosaurs are branded as old-fashioned in comparison littoelizardgaming one of the other kid’s hi-tech Dino-Robot. Harry makes a giant origami fan from some blueprint designs created by Tatsu, the fan blows out Tatsu’s fire thus enabling him to continue making origami animals.

The only problem is that Patsy gets the hiccups resulting in a slight ‘hiccup’ as she travels through the bucket and she arrives back in Harry’s bedroom full size!

When they arrive, a court jester informs them that the Princess has lost her smile and so has banned all things funny.

Dimensionpants Chop Chop Ninja Challenge. 22 Sam uses Harry’s bucket to collect drips from a leak in the house Harry rushes to Dino-World to save the dinos from drowning. Mad cap balloon adventures get a little tricky, as poor Steggy nearly disappears off into the sky. By a stroke of luck, she has a whole chest full of quests for them to choose from, including one to find ‘the most amazing necklace ever’ – what could be better for Mom’s birthday?!

All they’ve got to do is catch the Megalosaurus and reunite him with his matching card before he seqson to the top of the lizards and ladders board and it’s too late! Bob the genie announces that Harry will be his replacement while he’s away and fun and frolics ensue as Harry gets to grips with his new genie powers.

For Better or For Worse. littleizardgaming

With Nancy as their tour guide, Harry and his Dinosaurs manage to bathe on the beach, climb mountains and walk in the woods. However, he doesn’t want to play his violin so he goes to Dino World in search of a new instrument to play. Shooting hoops in his driveway with pal Charley, Harry gets a taste of the high life and when the rain puts a stop to his game, he hops into the bucket to Dino World to seek a place where he can jump around all day long.

To Harry’s surprise and concern the milk first makes him far too big then far too small. They speed off on an action packed sea bound adventure to rescue there drifting friend.


It’s just a case of finding the right one and seeing where it leads He becomes so repulsively filthy that even the dinosaurs don’t want to play with him and he is even crowned King of the Swamp.


However, the discovery of a beached dolphin and subsequent rescue operation soon makes Harry realise just how important rain littlelizargaming. A zebraceros of course! Harry figures out the answer to Nana’s sum and proudly dashes home to let her know. Harry and Charley are arguing over what the moon is made of. Can they ever return to Harry’s bedroom? The dinos lead Harry on an adventure in Dino World that will prove to him that Superheroes and dancing can be a great fun!

It’s all going well until Steggy spills the bottle of hair sfason and Dino World suddenly becomes a very hairy scary place! When the ‘Yo Ho Ho! When Harry thinks his delicious cookie has been stolen he goes to Dino-World where he plays at being a detective searching for the thief. Harry is the captain of the pirate ship but becomes so unbearably seasoh that the dinos decide to strike and partake in a mutiny – banishing Harry to a desert island alone.

Minecraft Dinosaurs Season 3 Littlelizardgaming

However, Harry trips on his way to the toy box and the animals land in the Dinos’ bucket Pterence leaves the group because he can’t keep time so he goes off to a cave by himself. Princess Pamela’s castle seems to be the perfect place to start, but the royal pets Max and Muffin have other ideas and decide to take the opportunity to make a getaway — taking the key with them! There’s just the small matter of reversing the effects of the invisibility hat before he’s stuck that way for good!

Whilst there, Harry meets a sad Zebra who lives in a part of Dino-World that is black and white. Harry wants to sleep out in his new tent in the garden so that he can practice his scout skills. Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift.

To find out who is the ultimate winner, the dinos invent a new complicated game, but after the game has taken them on a fun journey all over Dino-World they realise that winning isn’t important as long as they are having fun.

Harry and the dinos discover that there’s a new dinosaur in the house, and it belongs to Nana. Blake and Mortimer Nanook’s Great Hunt. Luckily, Taury stumbles over a lamp as soon as they seazon, but it seems that the genie inside has no intention of granting any wishes because he’s going on holiday! Driving along in the car with his family.

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