And soothing mist passive healing. You can reach it with the nearby wind crystal and swiftness. Players must then defeat her to complete the event, but she will run around, avoiding combat, often leading players into hostile foes. Mist Form 2 while downed works strange. You get keys from finishing your story and some other places. But solo necro Is clearly the easiest way.

Complete the jumping puzzle. How do I upload pics bigger than 2MB? My advice with Skritt Burglar is that you go to this location when Sandstorm starts. What is going wrong? Pull it towards Haze at this time while someone brings him over. There will be Inquest and golems to fight but as keep moving and get the wind crystal closest to the mouth of the cave.

Warrior is simple as well: This is a work in progress Contents. There are a number of possible locations for the chest that will spawn the Skritt Burglar.

Basically for every hour, the first 40 minutes will be peaceful while the next 20 minutes are sandstorms. If you use the fire attunement crystal and just dart back and forth through the quicksand you barely take any damage and the timer will continue to tick. However, it will be on ground level so the skritt can run around. You will need to talk to Nochtli inside his cave to trigger the event before running up or follow Nochtli to his sparring platform.

Dry Top is a new zone introduced with the Gates of Maguuma patch.

Then everyone can go between both events before the reset. Stablity, Blinds and Evades really helps and a thief can make this achievement much easier by spamming blinds. All skritt burglar position: Pull it towards Haze at this time while someone brings him over. Do not attack it. Race to collect the yellow kites from inquest 40 mins Rescue people in mine 30 mins Rescue people from inquests dramw mins.


Then hopped in gw sand poped healing turrent overcharged it detonated the two turrents and got off a shield 4 blast finisher then switched to Elixir gun for the backpack regenerator used 5 skill super elixir and the toolbelt regen skill.

Dry Top (achievements) – Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

This is the attack where Nochtli goes invul and jumps up in the air. There is a much, much easier way to do the quicksand achievement. Picked up fern hound with regen skills, picked up trait that makes regeneration last longer, picked trait that gives regen on shouts, picked elite spirit that is supposed to heal but Im not sure if its doing anything, picked Troll heal skill.

Dulfy, thanks for the progress! I placed the two turrets rifle and thumper outside the sand and used draka regen toolbelt skill. Just lla,a jumping until drxma get to the ledge and get that llama. Players must then defeat her to complete the event, but she will run around, avoiding combat, often leading players into hostile foes. Active during the sandstorm at tier 4 or greater. But during a sandstorm theres quite a lot that spawn.

Defeat Queen Chrii’kkt IV.

Alternatively, you can apparently just jump over her larger aoe attacks. For Sparring Rock Master just place Mortar as engi and use it. He did, however, spawn like dulfy said at 5min mark.

Used healing turret, rifle, thumper, elixir gun. For this achievement, you will need to defeat Erama, a frog boss, without getting knocked off the sparring platform. XD But I bet 55 Monk would complete it soooo easily.


Not sure if it will blind for everyone there or just the first person who would be struck. The 5th location is missing from the imageā€”the last spot being behind the Champion Devour Queen.

These loot bags will have a distinctive purple glow so they can be easily noticed. So if Nochli doest get killed he will not spawn every 7min but at 35min every hour? For Engineer, if you are struggling to keep your health up, use the Healing Mist skill on Elixir Gun, use the trait Elixir-Infused Bombs that make it so that your bombs heal on detonation, Backpack Regenerator and A.

Both counters are separate. Yesterday I could complete Quicksand Survivor without modifying my condition build. No idea if locations are all the same. I found a buried chest at the back of the mine.

Skritt Burglar/locations

Hope this helps out. Buried chest achievement is pretty easy and straightforward. During the Sandstorm time, you need to find the skritt burglar event chest. All skritt chest locations are noted at http: It just keeps throwing spell behind. During Sandstorms, Buried Locked Chests spawn from a few places throughout the zone and can be opened for achievement and loot.

The animal you can get turned into, and thus the achievement you can get, depends on what region the burglar’s chest appears in:. Gq2 is the most problematic AoE as it covers the entire platform.

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