The dynamics of time travel in this film are completely unbelievable. They can make coins float above their hands. His 30 year old future self Bruce Willis appears but manages to prevent younger Joe from doing him in. Legendas portuguesas para Looper. Kevin Stillwell Gat Man. Peter Schlessel Executive Producer.

As thought-provoking as it is thrilling, Looper delivers an uncommonly smart, bravely original blend of futuristic sci-fi and good old-fashioned action. One plot is about time travel. Apparently nobody can shoot straight in the future. It’s almost as if the writers got to the end of the story and then thought, “Oh yeah – we should probably have Bruce Willis firing some guns or something If the Looper second half feels a bit slower than the first, that’s because director Rian Johnson spends a little too much time out on the farm, with Joe courting Sara Emily Blunt. I would have thought it doubtful that anyone could have anything new to add to the sci-fi sub category of time travel movies. Which I never had a problem with.

And then there are the superpowers.

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But to me, this film starts one story and then switches in mid-stream to a story stemming from a second, unrelated science fiction ,ooper. Anyway, I appear to be the only one bothered by this so just go ahead and enjoy the movie.

AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Looper. They can make coins float above their hands. Very clever, subtitlex original and very welcome. While some of the action sequences are entertaining, the sci-fi premise is not developed into something clever enough to deserve all the the accolades that have been heaped upon it to date.

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It was well acted, shot and directed. Where the hell did that come from?

There was actually laughter in the cinema when Levitt morphs into Willis. One of the main reason’s I’ve even written this view is to counterbalance these reviews raving about this very mediocre film calling it a “masterpiece”.


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To follow the story and recognise characters motivations does require a little concentration, but not to the point that you wont enjoy the action beats and other more visceral elements.

The whole premise of a “Looper” was never satisfactorily explained: This world is more akin to the recent Dredd 3D film.

In true Bruce Willis fashion, the aging ‘Die Hard’ legend, is up to his old tricks, by machine-gunning most of the bad guys, sans Kid Blue, who appears out of nowhere on his flying motorcycle and immediately gets himself killed, instead of Joe, who is his intended target. Surely the job wasn’t that strenuous that they needed to take shifts? This film was a dismal train wreck of ideas with great potential. In a rather derivative idea borrowed from the ‘Terminator’ series, Willis must dispose of a child who will one day grow up to be the ‘Rainmaker’, the sinister figure in the future who is now bent on eliminating all the loopers.

Actually nothing–it’s simply all action-thriller at this point in time in the script. The other plot is about the dangers of toddlers with uncontrollable telekinesis. Presumably it was because they were the only people who could go back in time and possibly stop him? Genres Action Science Fiction Thriller.

A boy who has only a very weak connection to the initial plot about time travel. There is just a lot of running away from people taking badly aimed pot shots. The idea that in 33 years we’ll be developing telekinesis is laughable to the point where the fact you’re meant to accept this is almost offensive.

The rain man would have grown up and taken over the world in the same way he did before, and Bruce Willis’s wife would still be dead.


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Abe, the enforcer from the future, forces Joe to betray Seth, who’s tortured and his alter ego from the future is hunted down. My first problem with ‘Looper’ is the overall concept. We see Joe Joseph Gordon-Levitt traveling to the cornfield and loper performing executions one too many times.

Peter Schlessel Executive Producer. Language Set favourite s Login. The performances in Looper are all acceptable, with an honorable mention going to little Pierce Gagnon as Cid, who manages to handle a number of complicated lines and take direction in a fashion way above his chronological age.

There is virtually no action either – unless you count Bruce Willis’s character shooting defenseless toddlers for which the certificate should subtitlrs be more than 15or needless torture and execution scenes. However, they DO establish certain rules about time travel during the film, which they then break, re-establish and break again whenever it is convenient for the writers.

It’s explained that in the future bodies are ‘tagged’ so by sending them back in time, they cannot be traced. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Executive Producer. Art Ed Verreaux Production Design. Interesting idea–even if it’s not very plausible. Edition Bob Ducsay Editor. On top of this, the whole plot in sugtitles is very hard to swallow and lacks in verisimilitude.

Ian Patrick Beggar Kid. This happens a lot. If you want to watch an action film.

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